Mad Hatter Costume For Women

Find everything you need for a Mad Hatter costume for women, including a dress, tights, thread bandolier sash, and hat pins!

Why should men have all the fun? There is a gorgeous Mad Hatter costume for women that is far more chic than crazy.The Mad Hatter is just one of the many characters Alice meets when she finds herself in Wonderland, but he is possibly the kindest to … [Continue reading]

Dottie Costume From “A League Of Their Own”

This is everything you need to create a Dottie costume from "A League Of Their Own," including a dress, baseball bat, and hat.

No doubt you've heard the movie quote that says, "There's no crying in baseball!" Those words were uttered by actor Tom Hanks as his character, baseball manager Jimmy Dugan, tried to figure out how to deal with the women he was forced to train.Dottie … [Continue reading]

12 Spooktacular Etsy Halloween Wreaths

These are 12 spooktacular handmade wreaths that you can buy on Etsy.

Many years ago, when I got married, someone gave us a wreath with a grey haired witch sitting in the middle of the circle made of wood. This Halloween wreath seemed an odd choice for a wedding gift by several people but I always loved it and put it … [Continue reading]

Etsy Guide To A Halloween Fairy Garden

You can add anything from a sleeping fairy and cauldron with witch's brew to spooky ghosts and yummy candy corn sweets to your Halloween fairy garden.

This Etsy guide to a Halloween fairy garden will give you plenty of ideas if you want to make your own or add to an already existing display.Etsy is a wonderful online marketplace for finding handmade items and I knew I could find small spooky things … [Continue reading]

Etsy Halloween Garden Decor

Spooky and fun garden decorations that are perfect for Halloween!

Halloween is my daughter's favorite holiday and this year she wants to decorate our front yard. She asked me what kinds of things she could use and I wasn't sure so I looked on Etsy to see what kind of Halloween garden decor they have.It turns out … [Continue reading]

Georgie “It” Costume

This article will show you all the items you need for a Georgie "It" costume, based on Stephen King's horror story.

A Georgie "It" costume is pretty simple to put together and this article will show you everything you need, right down to a floating red balloon!George Denbrough, the six-year-old younger brother of Bill, loved his brother more than just about … [Continue reading]

Stephen King’s ‘It’ Decorating Ideas

Decorate your home, for a party or just because, with Pennywise items based on Stephen King's "It" story!

Looking for Stephen King's It decorating ideas? Then you are in the right place!After seeing the 2017 version of It my daughter has become fascinated with Pennywise and said that she wanted to know what she could use to enhance her already creepy … [Continue reading]

Toddler Ghost Costume

A toddler ghost costume is a fun and traditional way for little ones to get into the Halloween spirit!

A toddler ghost costume is a fun and traditional way for little ones to get into the Halloween spirit!My niece told my sister that she really wanted to dress up as a spooky ghost when she went trick-or-treating. Well, maybe "told" is a bit of a … [Continue reading]

Pennywise Costume

Dress up in a Pennywise costume, Stephen King's killer clown from "It", and prepare to terrify children!

Dress up in a Pennywise costume, Stephen King's killer clown from "It", and prepare to terrify children!The first time we saw Pennywise the dancing clown was in the 1990 mini-series. The Losers Club in Derry Maine figured out that It wakes up and … [Continue reading]

Halloween Scented Candles

Choose from a nice variety of wonderfully scented Halloween candles!

My sister Sara gave me a challenge recently to find Halloween scented candles because she knows I'm good at finding things online. I took her up and was excited to see what different fragrances were available.I was pleasantly surprised to see that … [Continue reading]

Stick Figure Costume

There are several different options if you want to dress up in a stick figure costume. Most use lights, and there are costumes for both adults and kids.

A stick figure costume is a fun way to dress up as an easily recognizable character. Mr. Stick Man is nothing more than a few lines but the meaning is very clear - it represents a person in a minimal way.There are not very many costumes but the few I … [Continue reading]