11th Doctor Costume

From his jacket, bow tie, and suspenders to his fez, glasses, and sonic screwdriver, here are all the items you need for an 11th Doctor costume!

The 11th Doctor on Doctor Who was played by Matt Smith from 2010 to 2013. Smith's Doctor is jubilant, joyous, and funny most of the time, but his temper can quickly flare when his buttons are pushed.

As you watch Matt Smith you can also see that the 11th Doctor is incredibly energetic! He is often seen practically bouncing on the balls of his feet as he walks, and his hands rarely stay still.

This Doctor was most often seen with a smile on his boyish face. Speaking of boyish faces, did you know that Matt Smith was the youngest actor to date to portray the iconic Doctor? He was a mere 26 years old when he was chosen to take over the roll of the Doctor after David Tennant announced his departure.

Critics were skeptical that Smith could handle such an important and popular character but I think it can be argued that he did a marvelous job. To be honest, it took a while for me to warm up to Smith's Doctor (the 10th is my Doctor) but my 12 year old daughter LOVES him and he is her Doctor.

There are many looks you can choose from when putting together your version of the 11th Doctor. Here are the most common items seen worn by this Doctor.

11th Doctor Costume For Kids

There is one official 11th Doctor costume for kids. It is of the Doctor's lovely purple coat and blue vest.

11th Doctor Who costume for kids

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Brown Jacket

Matt Smith was most often see wearing a brown tweed jacket during his time as the Doctor. This jacket is a faithful replica of Matt's jacket, right down to the patches on the elbows.

Brown tweed jacket for an 11th Doctor costume

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Bow Tie And Suspenders

If you want to add a red bow tie and suspenders to your costume then I strongly recommend that you buy this matching set. Doing so ensure that the red of both items match in color.

Red bow tie and suspenders for an 11th Doctor costume

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Ah, the fez! Not only did the 11th Doctor love but so did Matt Smitth. I read that Matt Smith was so enamored with the fez he word during one season that the production crew for Doctor Who destroyed it to prevent Smith from continueing to wear it in future episodes (clearly it didn't work!).

The fez you see here is the same one that my daughter has. Not only does she love it, but so does her older sister who often steals it away from her.

Burgundy fez for a Doctor Who costume

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Purple Trench Coat

When the Doctor visits Victorian England he can be seen wearing a gorgeious purple trench coat with a matching purple vest. What you see here is an incredibly detailed replica of the coat. These are cosplay costumes, which means they will be appreciated by those of you who want something that you can wear often, will last for years, and is exquisitely made. Some coats also include the vest.

Purple coat for a Doctor Who costume

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Wedding Tuxedo

Remember when the Ponds got married? The Doctor looked quite dashing in his tuxedo! I've gathered items that closely resemble what Matt Smith wore if you want to recreate this look.

Here is a picture of what the wedding outfit looks like so you can see why I chose the items below so you can replicate this look. Ignore the image of the Master since it is part of the image that I found.

This is what the 11th Doctor wore to Amy and Rory's wedding

Tuxedo for a Doctor Who costume

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White vest for a Doctor Who costume

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White scarf for a Doctor Who wedding costume

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The Doctor can be seen wearing a stetson, and declaring his love for this style of hat, in the episode titled, "The Impossible Astronaut". Here are three different styles for you to choose from if you want your version of the Doctor to be a bit of a Western cowboy.

Stetson cowboy hat for an 11th Doctor costume

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Amy Pond's Glasses

Amy Pond left her reading glasses after the episode The Angels Take Manhatten. The Doctor was often seen wearing Amy's glasses after her departure. Her glasses have round frames and are brown tortoiseshell in color. You could buy something almost identical but it will cost you several hundred dollars. Or, you could pay just a few dollars for glasses like the kind worn by Harry Potter or Waldo from the Where's Waldo? books. Since I'm going to guess you'd rather see the latter, here they are:

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The shoes worn by the 11th Doctor was a half boot (aka ankle boot). The color is brown, which matches his normal outfit.

Boots for a Doctor Who costume

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Sonic Screwdriver

Regardless of how your choose to dress as the 11th Doctor, your costume won't be complete until you add a sonic screwdriver. This is what the 11th Doctor's screwdriver looked like. My daughter has this model and I can tell you that it sounds very authentic.

11th Doctor's sonic screwdriver

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You may have noticed that I didn't include pants or shirts. That's because I am confident that you already have something in your closet that will work. For a shirt all you need is something white. Since you will be wearing a coat or jacket over the shirt it doesn't matter if the shirt has long or short sleeves. As for pants, go with a nice pair of jeans or brown pants. No matter what type of pants you choose be sure to roll up the cuffs like Matt Smith's Doctor does.