Aladdin Costume

This year, people will be looking for a genie and wishing that their costume was as great as yours when you show up for a party in an Aladdin costume. As Prince Ali Ababwa, you are sure to impress!

Disney's story of Aladdin told in the Disney movie is a modern adaptation of a centuries-old folk tale. It first gained notoriety in the book One Thousand and One Nights, known as Arabian Nights in much of the English-speaking world.

Interestingly, the story of Aladdin was not originally in the book of Arab folk tales, but was added by its European translator, Antoine Galland. He claimed to have heard the legend from a Syrian storyteller.

The story of Disney’s Aladdin continues to charm audiences years after its initial theatrical release. This Halloween, take part in the fun with your choice of Aladdin costumes from the holiday genies at Amazon.

Aladdin Street Rat Costume

Before Aladdin became a prince he was a lowly thief who survived on the streets. This is the outfit he was seen in the most during the first movie.

Street rat Aladdin costume for men

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Prince Aladdin Costume

Genie's magic transforms Aladdin into a respectable prince worthy of Jasmine's hand in marriage. He wore a suit of white, with a blue cape, gold belt and adornments, and a matching white turban.

Prince Aladdin costume for men

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Black Wig

Aladdin's hair is black and cut in a traditional manly style. If you are not blessed with short black hair then you will need a wig!

Black wig for an Aladdin costume

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Sitting atop Aladdin's head is a burgundy fez. As a bonus, you can reuse your fez if you ever want to dress up as a certain 11th Doctor (if you don't know who that is, then ignore what I just said).

Fez for an Aladdin costume

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Purple Vest

Aladdin wore a dark purple vest and no shirt. Here is a great replica of his vest.

Purple vest for an Aladdin costume

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Red Sash

Aladdin has a sash tied around his waist, over the top of his pants. I tried very hard to find one that would work for this costume, but everything I found was girly. I can't imagine Aladdin wants to walk around with glitter or pretty beads on his sash. Therefore, I have opted to go with a burgundy cummerbund. It's a bit fancier than a true sash, but it gives the same overall look.

Red sash for an Aladdin costume

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White Pants

The white pants worn by Aladdin are called harem pants. They are very baggy and comfortable. I couldn't find this specific style for men, but the ones I did find, seen below, are so close that you wouldn't know they aren't meant for this costume. If you want to add a bit of authenticity to your look, sew a yellow patch near the right knee, as seen in the image at the top of this page.

White pants for an Aladdin costume

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Pointed Shoes

Most of the time Aladdin is barefoot, but if you would rather not walk around without shoes then take a look at the possible footwear options for an Aladin outfit. The shoes he wore curled up at the toe, much like Pakistani Khussa shoes, which is what you'll see when you click the link below.

Shoes for an Aladdin costume

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The type of sword used by Aladdin was like a sabre or scimitar sword.

Toy sword for an Aladdin costume

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