Annabelle Costume

Find out what items you need to create your own Annabelle costume!

An Annabelle costume is a wonderfully creepy choice for women who want to dress up as their favorite haunted toy.

Annabelle and Annabelle:  Creation are movies that are very loosely based on a real doll of the same name. However, the real doll was a Raggedy Ann rag doll and she didn't cause any deaths, although, she supposedly tried at least once.

The first time we saw the movie version of Annabelle was in the first Conjuring movie, when we saw inside the Warrens' home. Annabelle was said to be one of their most dangerous items, but we didn't get to see how dangerous until she got her own movie.

I think it was a smart decision to change the toy from a rag doll to one made of porcelain because she looks so much more frightening that way.


The dress worn by the doll in the movies was long, creamy white with a red ribbon and flower at the waist. It also has a red ribbon above the bust, and has long, puffy sleeves. Many come with a wig and mask so check to see if yours does before you buy these separately.

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Handmade Dress

There are a couple of sellers on Etsy who are offering handmade Annabelle costumes. Because they are custom made you will need to allow several weeks before you get your dress so be sure to order early if you want one.

This is a handmade Annabelle costume that you can wear for Halloween.
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Mask And Wig

Some dresses include a mask and wig but if yours doesn't then you can get one that looks just like Annabelle's face and hair. The mask and wig combination has blond hair that parts in the middle, has bangs, and is done in two braids. There are red ribbons holding the braids in place.

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Don't want a mask? No problem. You can get just a wig. This is meant to go with the costume, even though the hair is a little longer and darker than we see in the films. It even comes braided and with the red ribbons.

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