Army Soldier Costumes

Army Soldier Costumes

Costume trends come and go as the years go by, but there will always be those ideas that are popular year after year. Army soldier costumes have been perennial favorites, and Buy Amazon has a wide variety of outfits to choose from.

The Army Combat Uniform is the official combat uniform worn by the United States Army, and most soldier costumes are based on its camouflage pattern. It replaced the familiar Battle Dress Uniform in 2005. The complete uniform features a t-shirt, jacket, trousers, footwear, and headgear.

All of these individual pieces can be modified in color, weight, and style to meet the solider’s needs in certain extreme climates or where the environment otherwise requires it. The only way to get a genuine Army Combat Uniform is to enlist, but with army solider costumes, you’ll look enough like the real thing for Halloween fun.

Army Soldier Costume for Men

This Halloween, show that you too can be an army of one with this Male Adult Military Officer soldier Halloween costume.

Featuring the distinctive olive green color of the armed forces of many of the world’s nations, this costume comes with the jacket, decorative badges, matching pants, a belt, a green tie, and a beret.

The stripes on the arms indicate that you’ve been promoted several times during your illustrious, if imagined, military career. Add your own shoes and shirt to complete the costume.

With this military officer costume, no matter where you go, you will always have onlookers standing at attention.

Army Soldier Costume for Women

All military leaders are aware of the need to keep their soldiers following orders. With this Soldier Girl Adult Costume, though, you’ll have no problem keeping the troops at attention!

The flattering style of this costume shows that you’re ready to party, but that you can hit the trenches at a moment’s notice!

Available in small, medium, large, and extra large, this costume comes with the army hat, the black dress with camouflage ruffle skirt, and the mini jacket with American flag patch and four-star general rank.

Add the optional combat boots to complete the look.

Army Soldier Costume for Teens

With the Army Soldier Teen Costume, you’ll be an army of one, ready to invade Halloween parties and restore democracy to the dance floor.

Featuring the army hat, jacket, and pants, this costume will have you ready for battle. If your mission this Halloween is to escort your little brother around the neighborhood, this costume also comes in kids’ sizes as well, allowing you the chance to truly go as brothers in arms.

Add optional accessories such as dog tags, plastic weaponry and boots, and you’ll be ready to serve this Halloween.

Toddler Lil’ Soldier Costume

This is perfect for your toddler to wear for Halloween, or just for playing soldiers with his friends.

This pant and top soldier outfit is made of camouflage, 100% cotton. The long sleeves have a military emblem that has stars and stripes, and the word “ARMY” on it.

The top also has faux pockets stitched onto it, as well as an “ARMY” name tag on one of the fake pockets.

The top velcros shut, so there are no buttons to worry about losing.

Although not included, you can finish off the costume with black shoes, dog tags, and a camouflage Army helmet.

Delta Force Child Soldier Costume

Boys have been looking up to their heroes in the Armed Forces for decades, and on Halloween, they can get a taste of what it’s like to see combat with the Delta Force child’s costume.

This costume faithfully replicates the camouflage uniform of those seeing action on the front lines. The costume comes with the camouflage pants, shirt, and hat, and also includes the vest with compartments for storing all of the essentials that your little solider will need as he goes on his mission.

This Halloween, when he hits the ground running for Operation: Candy Rescue, you can be sure that when the night is through, it will be Mission (and Fun!) Accomplished.

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