Beast Costume

Poor Beast. All he can think of is how handsome he once was, and what a dreadful, frightening creature he was turned in to. How could any woman every love him and break his spell before the last petal falls from his magical rose?

Well, as we all know, there was a woman capable of seeing past the Beast's physical appearance and into his heart. Belle may have been a captive in the Beast's castle, but she ended up capturing the Beast's heart. He strove to be a better person, er, beast because of Belle. In the end, Belle's love overcame the spell cast upon the Beast and the two of them lived happily ever after, showing that there is love for Beauty and the Beast.

Is there a Belle in your life? Does she love you know matter what you look like or how severe your temper may be at times? Then a Beast costume will be perfect for you!

Beast Costume For Boys

There is an officially licensed Beast costume for boys that was taken straight from the Disney movie.

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Beast Costume For Men

There is also an officially licensed Beast costume for men, but there are a couple other options, too.

Beast costume for men

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The boots worn by the Beast are very similar to pirate boots. You can wear boots or cover your current shoes with boot covers.

Boots for a Beast costume

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Most men have flowers to give to the women they love. Not so with the Beast. He has a rose that shows him how much time he has left until he either dies or can be transformed back to his human form if he is able to find true love. Therefore, it would be appropriate for a Beast costume to carry around a rose as a constant reminder of how much time he has left to find love.

Red rose for a Beast costume

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