Best Halloween Shirts For Maternity

This is a collection of some of the best Halloween maternity shirts that will help pregnant women get into the holiday spirit!

I found out from my younger sister when she was very obviously pregnant in the month of October, that the best Halloween maternity shirts are a great way to get into the holiday spirit! She had a whole drawer dedicated to Halloween, her favorite time of the year.

There weren't very many choices back when I had my children but today there are tons to designs to choose from. I decided to see what tops are being sold these days and was delighted with what I found.

The shirts seen here are my favorites, ones that I would have happily worn if they had been around when I was pregnant. I love how many different ways there are to celebrate October 31st with a seemingly simple shirt.

The first shirt I'm showing is actually two version of the same thing. It is a cute way to reveal your baby's gender while also embracing the holiday. One shows a baby boy skeleton and the other shows a girl. The girl has a pink bow, pink heart, and there is a pink heart for Mom. The shirt itself is black, which nicely highlights the bones that are seen.

Ghost Maternity Shirt

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This shirt is white, which makes sense because the image on the belly is that of a ghost's face. The ghost's eyebrows, eyes, and mouth are glittery black. It comes with either short or long sleeves, making it a great choice for colder climates.

Halloween maternity shirt that makes the belly look like a pumpkin.

Pumpkin Maternity Shirt

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I love this because it is a shirt with a sense of humor. It is orange, and there is a pumpkin on the belly area. This shirt is perfect for creating funny pictures like this one. If you have other children then you can include them by having them hold smaller pumpkins.

Baby Wants Candy Halloween Maternity Shirt

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This design is a bit gruesome, almost reminiscent of the famous scene from the first Alien movie, but it is also funny. It shows baby reaching out from the womb to get his (her?) score of Halloween candy. The shirt comes in four colors: black, navy blue, orange, and purple.

"I Eat Small Children" Maternity Shirt For Halloween

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This is great for pregnant women with a twisted sense of humor. It says, "I eat small children," and has a face with an evil grin. The shirt is available in black or grey. Don't be surprised if little kids see this and run away in fear!

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