Black, Orange, And White Halloween Fireplace Garland

My sister and her family recently bought a house and told me that she was looking for a black, orange, and white Halloween fireplace garland to add to her holiday decorations. She knows how good I am at finding things online and I was happy to show her this one that I came across.

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It is handmade and the seller knows that mantles come in many different shapes and is happy to accommodate the length to whatever you need. Each one is slightly different because they are made by hand but look very much like the one you see here.

It is made by tying hundreds of fabric strips onto a piece of rope. The material is very soft, which means it won't scratch or damage anything.

My sister fell in love with this as soon as she saw it, and I know other people who enjoy decorating for the October 31st holiday will also like this. It is something that will add instant charm to a room.

Don't have a fireplace but still like this? No worries! You can also use it on a bannister, or over a window or door. It is wonderfully versatile!

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