Black Widow Costume

The character of Black Widow played a major role in the movie Iron Man 2, and was wonderfully played by Scarlett Johansson. But this movie was not her first appearance in a comic book world. Black Widow has been around long before Iron Man took to the silver screen. Created by comic book legend Stan Lee, she made her first comic book appearance in 1964. Her real name is Natalia Romanova, but also goes by the name Natasha Romanoff.

From 1970 to 1971, she even had her own comic book called Amazing Adventures. Although her own comic series was short-lived, her character lived on, showing up in a variety of comics, including Daredevil, The Champions super-hero team series, and Marvel Fanfare.

Black Widow began her comic storyline as a Soviet spy, but later defected to the United States. No matter whose side she is on, however, she has always been sexy, as you can see from her Halloween spider costume. When you show up at the neighborhood costume party in your Black Widow costume, you will be, too!

Black Widow Costumes For Girls

When it comes to comic book superheros, they are very heavy on men and extremely light on women. Thanks to the Black Widow, girls now have someone they can emulate!

This is an officially licensed Black Widow costume. It includes a black jumpsuit, wrist cuffs, and her trademark buckle. Add your own black boots and a red wig to complete the picture. This costume is available in sizes 3T to 12.

Black Widow costume for girls

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Black Widow Costumes For Women

This Halloween, show everyone that you are a no-nonsense woman by showing up at your costume party in this Iron Man 2 Black Widow Sexy Adult Costume. This costume is officially licensed Iron Man merchandise, which means you can’t find a more realistic costume anywhere else!

The costume features the dark blue jumpsuit seen here that has become Black Widow’s trademark outfit, as well as the solid black belt and black wrist cuffs. Add your own boots to complete the look, and no one, not even Iron Man, will be able to resist your advances. The black widow outfit comes in Small, Medium, and Large sizes.

Black Widow costume for women

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Red Wig

If you have naturally red hair then you won't need a wig for your Black Widow costume. The rest of us, however, need a little help. There is an officially licensed wig, but you can go with whichever wig you like best.

Red wig for a Black Widow costume

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