Captain Hook Costume

Captain Hook, whose full name - thought not true name - is Captain James Hook, is the pirate with the hooked hand who is the archenemy of Peter Pan in the Peter Pan books, stage productions, and movies. The reason Captain Hook hates Peter so much is because Peter is the one who cut off Hook's missing hand.

Would you believe that there almost wasn't a Captain Hook? A stage production came before the book, and author J.M. Barrie's originally did not include Captain Hook in the stage production. She eventually added the character when she decided that the Darling children would have a fascination with pirates.

The author's version of Hook is much different than the Disney movie version many of us grew up with. Unlike the movie version, the real Captain Hook is bold, callous, and often bloodthirsty. J.M. Barrie wrote Hook as an educated man who was quite handsome and a "not wholly unheroic" pirate captain.

Have you ever suspected that there are similarities between Captain Hook and his obsession for Peter Pan and Captain Ahab and his obsession with a white whale? If so, you are correct. J.M. Barrie was quite open about the fact that Ahab was the inspiration for her Captain Hook. There are additional similarities, too, should you decide delve deeper into the connections between these stories.

Costumes For Men

As a pirate captain, Hook's clothing is very ornate. There are several officially licensed Captain Hook costumes for men, but you could choose almost any pirate captain costume. It is very easy to add a hook to your costume if you prefer one a pirate captain costume over a Captain Hook costume. Therefore I have included both options for you to browse. Most depictions of Hook show him in a red coat, or a coat that has red trim in it, though red is not a requirement.

Captain Hook costume for men

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Costumes For Women

Who knew Captain Hook could look so sexy! There are several Captain Hook dress outfits that women can choose from. Each one would look great with fishnet stockings and high heeled pirate boots.

Captain Hook costume for women

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Costumes For Kids

The Captain Hook costumes for kids look gorgeous, especially the officially licensed costume from Disney, seen below. Most costumes for children come with just the coat, belt, and hook. Be sure to look at what each costume includes so you know if you need to add boots, a hat, and a sword. You may also need to buy a hook if the costume you choose isn't an official Captain Hook costume.

Captain Hook costume for children

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The hat most often seen with Hook costumes is a red tricorn hat with a white feather. If you click on the first image you will see all the captain hats that fit this description (there aren't many). However, you could also wear a black tricron hat. If you click on the second image you will see all the hats that fit this description (there are a few more of these). Make sure to read the reviews for any given hat to make sure that it will fit the intended wearer. Some run smaller than others and are better suited for children than adults.

Hat for a Captain Hook costume

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Captain Hook is known for his long, black, curly hair. If you have hair like this, lucky you! If not, browse through the wigs that will help you complete your Captain Hook outfit. There are several wigs for men and at least one for women.

Wig for a Captain Hook costume

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When it comes to Hook's, um, hook, it can be seen on either the right or the left hand, depending on the story source. The missing hand has been seen on both the left and right side of Captain Hook, so it doesn't matter what hand you choose to hold it in. If your costume doesn't have a hand hook then click the image below to browse the available hooks. There are a lot of different hooks for you to choose from.

Hook for a Captain Hook costume

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Boots For Men

Your hook outfit needs the proper footwear. You can choose from either pirate boots or colonial style shoes with a large buckle on them. In addition to boots and shoes, there are also boot covers or toppers that you can use.

Boots for a Beast costume

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Boots For Women

Boots for a woman's Captain Hook costume

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No self respecting pirate captain feels complete without his sword, and Captain Hook is no exception. Add a sword to your costume so that you can defend your honor, or protect your remaining hand, from pesky young boys who refuse to grow up.

Sword for a Captain Hook costume

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