Jack Sparrow Costume

The success of The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise of Disney movies has made Captain Jack Sparrow a popular choice for a Halloween costume - not just for children, but for adults as well. This Halloween, let the experts at Amazon hook you up with a great Captain Jack costume.

The Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise has been one of Disney’s most successful film series of all time. Originally, only one Caribbean movie was planned, but after its phenomenal box office run, a series of additional pirate movies were filmed.

Actor Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow is seen as one of the primary reasons why the film is so successful, with moviegoers falling for Depp’s good looks and enchanting portrayal of the lead character. This Halloween, capture some of that Pirates of the Caribbean magic with your own Captain Jack costume.

Jack Sparrow Costumes

Wherever you go this Halloween, people will be surrendering their treasure to you when you show up wearing Jack Sparrow costume. There are many styles for both men and adult. Click the image on the left to see all costumes for men, and click the image on the right to see all costumes for boys.

Jack Sparrow Costume

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Cosplay Jack Sparrow Costumes

If you want your costume to be as realistic as possible then you will want a cosplay costume. These costumes are exquisite in their detail and look gorgeous! Most cosplay Jack Sparrow costumes come with everything you need.

Cosplay Jack Sparrow costume

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Pirate Hat

Captain Jack was often seen wearing a proper pirate's hat. There are a lot of hats to choose from if you want to add a hat to your Jack outfit. Some of them even come pre-weathered, so they look like they've been through many a storm, while others come with attached wigs and braids.

Pirate hat for a Captain Jack Sparrow costume

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Bandana And Wig

When Jack wasn't wearing a hat he was wearing a bandana on his head. You can buy a bandana that has an attached wig, which is especially handy if you don't have naturally long hair that you can turn into dreadlocks.

Bandana and wig for a Jack Sparrow costume

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Mustache And Goatee

Jack Sparrow is known for many things. Among them is his unique mustache and goatee. He has braided his goatee and added beads to the dingles for a look that is totally Jack! There are sets for both kids and adults.

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Jack seems to have a love of belts. He drapes them across his body in ways that belts were never intended to be worn. It doesn't matter, though, because he makes belts look amazing!

Belts for a Jack Sparrow costume

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Pirate Boots

No Jack Sparrow costume is complete without boots! It doesn't matter if you were real boots or opt to go with boot covers. Just make sure you have them. For added authenticity choose boots that have a large cuff that folds down.

Boots for a Jack Sparrow costume

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Add accessories if you really want to have fun with your Jack Sparrow outfit. There are several kits that include everything from Jack's rings, tattoos (temporary, of course), compass, and even his telescope.

Compass and rings for a Jack Sparrow costume

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Pirate Sword

Jack's weapon of choice most of the time was his sword.

Sword for a Jack Sparrow costume

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In addition to a sword, Jack is also partial to his pistol. Jack's pistol is the type you might think of when you try to picture a Buccaneer.

Buccaneer pistol for a Jack Sparrow costume

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