Hello Kitty Costume

Are you looking for a Hello Kitty Halloween costume? Lucky you! There are tons of Hello Kitty costumes for all ages and in a wide variety of styles.I've been a fan of Hello Kitty since I was a little girl, way back in the 1970s. I am delighted by the fact that Hello Kitty has […]

Puppy Costumes

Wouldn’t your little one love a puppy costume for Halloween, or just for playing around the house? Here puppy, puppy, puppy… Moms, be sure to keep your leather shoes safely in your closets when puppies come out to play to keep them from getting chewed up!Puppy outfits are always popular, especially among young children. So, […]

Cat Costume

If you have more than one person to dress up for Halloween and you already know you want a puppy costume, then you can pair that costume with a kitty costume!Sure, they may be enemies in the real world (most of the time), but these costumes are too cute to fight in. There are a […]

Dalmatian Costumes

Everyone loves puppies. Everyone loves dalmatians. It only makes sense then that everyone would fall totally for dalmatian puppies. With the selection of dalmatian puppy costumes available at Amazon, you can ensure that you or your little one will be the hit of the neighborhood this Halloween.Dalmatian Costumes For BabiesLook how adorable your baby will […]

Dog Face Painting Tutorial

Face painting is great fun and brings so much joy to younger children. Of course it’s getting them to sit still enough to complete the face painting that is the trick, so this is a very simple puppy face which can be drawn in a few short minutes.  This is perfect for anyone wearing a […]

Turtle Costumes

Have you ever realized how cute turtles are? Real life turtles may not be cuddly, but turtle costumes are! If you have a love for these four-legged creatures, then you are sure to find the right costume for you here.There are costumes for babies, children, and even adults. If you are so inclined, you can […]