Dottie Costume From “A League Of Their Own”

No doubt you've heard the movie quote that says, "There's no crying in baseball!" Those words were uttered by actor Tom Hanks as his character, baseball manager Jimmy Dugan, tried to figure out how to deal with the women he was forced to train.Dottie Hinson was an important member of the Peaches team. Played perfectly […]

Georgie “It” Costume

A Georgie "It" costume is pretty simple to put together and this article will show you everything you need, right down to a floating red balloon!George Denbrough, the six-year-old younger brother of Bill, loved his brother more than just about anything. On a rainy  morning he waited patiently while Bill made a paper boat for […]

Pennywise Costume

Dress up in a Pennywise costume, Stephen King's killer clown from "It", and prepare to terrify children!The first time we saw Pennywise the dancing clown was in the 1990 mini-series. The Losers Club in Derry Maine figured out that It wakes up and goes on a killing spree every 27 years.Could it be mere coincidence […]

Annabelle Costume

An Annabelle costume is a wonderfully creepy choice for women who want to dress up as their favorite haunted toy.Annabelle and Annabelle:  Creation are movies that are very loosely based on a real doll of the same name. However, the real doll was a Raggedy Ann rag doll and she didn't cause any deaths, although, she […]

Pickle Rick Costume

Are you looking for a way to get out of family counseling or any other event that you don't want to go to? Then turn yourself into a green gherkin! You can do this with a Pickle Rick costume and I'll show you what you need.Rick is one of the main characters from the cartoon […]

6 Different Daenerys Targaryen Costumes For Women

As you can see from these six different Daenerys Targaryen costumes for women, there is no shortage of outfits to choose from if you want to dress up as the Mother Of Dragons for Halloween!Daenerys is a fan favorite from the HBO show Game of Thrones, and has proved to be more than just a […]

Richie Lucille Costume

Are you looking for a Richie Lucille costume? There are no official costumes but the good news is that you can easily put together your own costume. The items listed below will transform any little girl into Lucille!Lucille is a girl in the same class as Junie B. Jones. June and Lucille were friends in […]

Veronica Corningstone Costume

Veronica Corningstone is an anchor woman who Ron Burgundy very much wanted. She is blonde, beautiful, and surprisingly smart.Ron tries to hook up with Veronica, but his sexist personality didn't do much for Veronica. However, Ron was persistent and she finally agreed to go out for a meal with him. They start a relationship that […]

Harry Potter Costume

For the few who may not know, Harry Potter is the Boy Who Lived, the star of JK Rowling's wildly popular Harry Potter book series. Throughout the series, Harry learns about the magical world he was born into but never knew, the Lord Voldemort who took the life of his parents (and so many others), […]

Slimer Costume

Sure, the Ghostbusters team is fun and funny, but it's Slimer who often steals the show! He's big. He's green. And he likes to eat hot dogs. Lots and lots of hot dogs!The Ghostbusters aren't afraid of Slimer. Are you? If not, wear a Slimer costume and have fun chasing after each person you see. […]

Ghostbusters Costume

Halloween is a night when ghosts roam freely across the land, looking to create mischief where ever they can. So, who ya' gonna call to keep your family safe on Halloween night? Ghostbusters!Sure, the team of ghostbusters never really meant to hunt ghosts. They were more into getting girls and financial funding to continue their […]