Georgie “It” Costume

A Georgie "It" costume is pretty simple to put together and this article will show you everything you need, right down to a floating red balloon!George Denbrough, the six-year-old younger brother of Bill, loved his brother more than just about anything. On a rainy  morning he waited patiently while Bill made a paper boat for […]

Pennywise Costume

Dress up in a Pennywise costume, Stephen King's killer clown from "It", and prepare to terrify children!The first time we saw Pennywise the dancing clown was in the 1990 mini-series. The Losers Club in Derry Maine figured out that It wakes up and goes on a killing spree every 27 years.Could it be mere coincidence […]

Annabelle Costume

An Annabelle costume is a wonderfully creepy choice for women who want to dress up as their favorite haunted toy.Annabelle and Annabelle:  Creation are movies that are very loosely based on a real doll of the same name. However, the real doll was a Raggedy Ann rag doll and she didn't cause any deaths, although, she […]