Fairy Godmother Costume

If only we were all fortunate enough to have a Fairy Godmother! Thankfully, Cinderella had one, or she would still be sweeping up cinder from the fireplace, washing the feet of her ugly stepsisters, and doing whatever else her family can dream up to keep her working and allow them to rest lazily.It was only […]

Prince Charming Costume

Ah, the life of a prince in a Disney movie. It's all about learning from your father, the King, attending balls, and finding a wife. Beyond that, there is little that we know about Prince Charming.We can, however, take a guess regarding Prince Charming's personality. We know that he fell in love with Cinderella after […]

Cinderella Costume

Poor Cinderella! All she wants is to be loved, but her wicked stepmother and two stepsisters hate her. They make her work, work, work all day and night while they lounge around their house ordering Cinderella around.It's no wonder Cinderella's fairy godmother acted to allow Cinderella the opportunity to go to the King's ball. There […]