Beast Costume

Poor Beast. All he can think of is how handsome he once was, and what a dreadful, frightening creature he was turned in to. How could any woman every love him and break his spell before the last petal falls from his magical rose?Well, as we all know, there was a woman capable of seeing […]

Captain Hook Costume

Captain Hook, whose full name - thought not true name - is Captain James Hook, is the pirate with the hooked hand who is the archenemy of Peter Pan in the Peter Pan books, stage productions, and movies. The reason Captain Hook hates Peter so much is because Peter is the one who cut off […]

Tinker Bell Costume

If you asked a room full of people to think of a fairy and then tell you what she looks like, chances are that the majority of the people would describe a fairy who looks just like Tinker Bell. Thanks to Disney's film adaptation of Peter Pan and all subsequent movies that feature either Peter […]

Peter Pan Costume

Long before there was The Boy Who Lived there was The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up. Peter Pan has been a part of our lives and childhood stories since 1902. Since that time he has been seen in books, plays, and movies.Did you know that author J.M. Barrie never described how Peter looks? The most […]

Dalmatian Costumes

Everyone loves puppies. Everyone loves dalmatians. It only makes sense then that everyone would fall totally for dalmatian puppies. With the selection of dalmatian puppy costumes available at Amazon, you can ensure that you or your little one will be the hit of the neighborhood this Halloween.Dalmatian Costumes For BabiesLook how adorable your baby will […]

Cruella De Vil Costumes

Looking to round up a bunch of dalmatian puppies this Halloween? Then make sure you dress the part in a 101 Dalmatians Disney Cruella De Vil costume.The black dress is appropriately slinky, some might say downright dastardly. Wrap the white, furry stole around your shoulders and arms to keep warm (well, sort of). Fear not. […]

Jack Sparrow Costume

The success of The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise of Disney movies has made Captain Jack Sparrow a popular choice for a Halloween costume - not just for children, but for adults as well. This Halloween, let the experts at Amazon hook you up with a great Captain Jack costume.The Pirates of the Caribbean movie […]

How to Tie a Jack Sparrow Bandana

You’ve watched Pirates of the Caribbean and now you want to wear a bandana just like Jack Sparrow in the movie.  There is a careful way of folding your bandana to get the right effect. Start with your bandana on a flat surface; this will make it easier to work with when folding. Fold the […]

Jack Sparrow Makeup, Facial Scar, and Dingles

If you are attending a costume party and you are going as the famous Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, you want to have the right make up, scar and facial hair to pull it off. You start by using a cue tip dipped in red grease paint to make the facial scar which […]

Jack Sparrow Eye Makeup

If you are going to a costume party dressed like Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, you need to have the full effect.  Jack Sparrow is an eccentric character and his makeup shows this about him, being able to apply your make up correctly can give you the desired effect. By now you will […]

Jack Sparrow Wig

You are preparing for your Jack Sparrow costume, the famous pirate from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies! By now you have put on your make up, eye makeup, facial scar, dingles and bandana. It is now time to put on your wig to complete the Jack Sparrow look. In part one of the movie, […]