Captain Hook Costume

Captain Hook, whose full name - thought not true name - is Captain James Hook, is the pirate with the hooked hand who is the archenemy of Peter Pan in the Peter Pan books, stage productions, and movies. The reason Captain Hook hates Peter so much is because Peter is the one who cut off […]

Tinker Bell Costume

If you asked a room full of people to think of a fairy and then tell you what she looks like, chances are that the majority of the people would describe a fairy who looks just like Tinker Bell. Thanks to Disney's film adaptation of Peter Pan and all subsequent movies that feature either Peter […]

Peter Pan Costume

Long before there was The Boy Who Lived there was The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up. Peter Pan has been a part of our lives and childhood stories since 1902. Since that time he has been seen in books, plays, and movies.Did you know that author J.M. Barrie never described how Peter looks? The most […]

Wendy Darling Costume

I have found several options for a Wendy Darling costume that will have you looking ready to fly away to Neverland this Halloween.Wendy Darling is the oldest of the Darling children. She is on the verge of leaving childhood behind, but isn’t there quite yet. Because she is not ready to completely leave childhood behind […]