Huntsman Costume

Poor Snow White! She was good and kind, and loved her stepmother, the evil Queen Ravenna. The Queen, however, loved only herself. Queen Ravenna ignored Snow White until the day her magic mirror declared that Snow White, not Ravenna, was the fairest of them all.That was the day that the Queen marked Snow White for […]

Evil Queen Costume

How different would Snow White's life have been if her mother hadn't in childbirth? Well, for one thing, she wouldn't have been taken into the woods to be killed, nor would she have met seven kindly dwarves.But, her mother did die, an her father married a new woman who was beautiful, yet vain and selfish. […]

Prince Eric Costume

Ariel the little mermaid first saw Prince Eric when he was in his ship battling a bad storm. She fell in love with him at first site, and couldn't bear to let him drown when his ship sank. Ariel saved Eric's life by bringing him to the shoreline, but hid from him after he regained […]

Sebastian Costume

Sebastian was a lobster who was tasked with watching over Ariel by her father, King Triton. Sebastian did his best to keep Ariel in line, but she had a knack for slipping away when he wasn't looking. Sebastian often felt very put upon!There are adorable Sebastian costumes for babies. They are full body outfits that […]

Flounder Costume

Flounder is, well, a flounder, even if he looks nothing like actual flounder fish. He is Ariel's very best friend. He loves nothing more than to swim in the ocean with her, looking for adventures or ship wrecks. He is sweet, kind, and very loyal to the little mermaid.There are not a lot of options […]

Ariel Costume

Ariel is the youngest of King Triton's daughters, and she is also the feistiest. This red-haired mermaid princess would rather search for treasures in ship wrecks than learn to sing songs with her sisters to perform for her father.An Ariel costume is a popular choice for both young girls and grown women. The costumes do […]

Ursula Costume

Ursula the sea witch is willing to take as many unfortunate souls as she can get her hands (and tentacles) on. She is ruthless and uncaring, making it a lot of fun to dress up in an Ursula costume!There are a couple variations on Ursula costumes but they all have certain characters in common. Ursula […]

Richie Lucille Costume

Are you looking for a Richie Lucille costume? There are no official costumes but the good news is that you can easily put together your own costume. The items listed below will transform any little girl into Lucille!Lucille is a girl in the same class as Junie B. Jones. June and Lucille were friends in […]

Fairy Godmother Costume

If only we were all fortunate enough to have a Fairy Godmother! Thankfully, Cinderella had one, or she would still be sweeping up cinder from the fireplace, washing the feet of her ugly stepsisters, and doing whatever else her family can dream up to keep her working and allow them to rest lazily.It was only […]

Prince Charming Costume

Ah, the life of a prince in a Disney movie. It's all about learning from your father, the King, attending balls, and finding a wife. Beyond that, there is little that we know about Prince Charming.We can, however, take a guess regarding Prince Charming's personality. We know that he fell in love with Cinderella after […]

Beast Costume

Poor Beast. All he can think of is how handsome he once was, and what a dreadful, frightening creature he was turned in to. How could any woman every love him and break his spell before the last petal falls from his magical rose?Well, as we all know, there was a woman capable of seeing […]