Cinderella Costume

Poor Cinderella! All she wants is to be loved, but her wicked stepmother and two stepsisters hate her. They make her work, work, work all day and night while they lounge around their house ordering Cinderella around.

It's no wonder Cinderella's fairy godmother acted to allow Cinderella the opportunity to go to the King's ball. There was no way that Cinderella's stepmother would allow her to go without the help of her Fairy Godmother.

When you or someone special to you wants to be a princess for Halloween, it’s a pretty safe bet that they want to be Cinderella - she’s been someone for girls to look up to for generations. The costume fairy godmothers at Amazon can’t turn a pumpkin into a stagecoach, but they can find you or your child a great Cinderella dress costume.

Cinderella Costumes For Babies And Toddlers

Some of the most adorable Cinderella costumes are the ones made for babies and toddlers. Be prepared for your little one to be the center of attention when she wears one of these costumes! Below is just one of the many beautiful Cinderella dresses available for your little princess.

Cinderella costume for babies and toddlers

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Cinderella Costumes For Girls

If your daughter tells you that she wants to be Cinderella for Halloween, only the best costume will do. Here is one example of a dress costumes, but it is one of many you can choose from. The dress you see here is officially licensed by Disney, so you know that is meets the quality standards set by the House of Mouse.

Cinderella costume for girls

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Cinderella Costumes For Women

If your plans for Halloween include finding a Prince Charming of your own, what better way to do that than by dressing up as Cinderella? Whether you are planning a trip to Disney World, going to a costume party, or going Trick-or-Treating, these enchanting costumes will have you looking resplendent.

As with the dresses for girls, there is a lot of variety in the gowns for adults. You can buy an elegantly royal gown, a flirty dress, or a dress that looks like the one worn by Cinderella in the movie.

Cinderella costume for women

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Cinderella Peasant Dress

The ball gown isn't the only dress that Cinderella wore. In fact, she spent far more time in her peasant dress than she did the fancy one.

Cinderella peasant dress for women

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Cinderella Cosplay Gowns

The cosplay versions of Cinderella dresses are absolutely and stunningly beautiful.

Cinderella cosplay costume gown for women

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Disney's cartoon version of Cinderella has blonde hair and she wears it in a sort of upswept bun. Later movie adaptations of the cinder girl have her with long, curly hair that she wears down. You can easily recreate your favorite version of her hairstyle by wearing a wig.

Wig for a Cinderella costume

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Okay, Cinderella didn't actually wear a tiara, but that doesn't have to stop you from wearing one with your gown.

Tiara for a Cinderella costume

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Headband And Choker

Instead of a tiara, Cinderella wore a simple blue headband, along with a black choker necklace. Disney offers a headband and choker set, which you can see when you click the image below.

Cinderella headband and choker set

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White Gloves

Add a touch of elegance to your costume by wearing white opera gloves that cover your elbows.

White gloves for a Cinderella costume

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Young girls will love having a Cinderella wand to carry around that matches their pretty dresses!

Wand for a Cinderella costume

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Cinderella Shoes

Cinderella doesn't wear just any old shoes to the King's ball. She wears glass slippers. Pretty much every young girl knows how Cinderella had to leave the ball when the clock struck 12, and how she lost one of her glass slippers as she ran away. Prince Charming was able to find his true love by searching every house until he found the one and only girl whose foot fit inside the glass slipper.

Personally, I think glass shoes sound unbearably uncomfortable. Fortunately, you can get the look of glass with the comfort of modern materials. Of course, there are also pretty shoes for young girls to choose from.

Cinderella shoes for girls

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Glass slippers for a Cinderella costume

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Other Cinderella Costumes