Creepy Halloween Party Ideas

Creepy Halloween Party IdeasAre you planning a Halloween party and in need of creepy snacks?  There are lots of really great ideas that you can easily create for your own costume party.  Possible snack ideas include:

Those are just a few of the tasty treats you can make.  You can find even more Halloween recipes here.

Getting the food prepared is just half the fun of a Halloween party.  Do not neglect one of the most important aspects - the Halloween party decorations!

This is where things get really fun.  Since you will already have a bunch of spider themed food, you should continue the theme with your decorations.  Go to your local Wal-Mart or Target and stock up on fake spider webs.  You know, the kind that comes in plastic bags and is nice and fluffy.  Don't forget a bunch of little plastic spiders, too.  If you are lucky, you can find a bag of fake spiders.

Once you get home, have a ball adding spider webs any where and every where.  Add webs to the lights, pictures, even where ever people will be walking.  You want them to think they have actually walked right into a creepy spider's home!

Add a single spider to most, but not all, of the webs.  You can add big spiders or little spiders.  Which ever makes you happier.

When you are done, your house should look like it hasn't been lived in or cleaned for many decades.  Remember, you want it to look spooky, and spiders and their webs are the perfect way to achieve this look.

If you really want to have fun, look for spider webs that glow in the dark.  That will really look creepy at night, especially if you have somewhat poor lighting.

Which brings us to the topic of lighting.  It simply will not do to have your house bright and cheerful.  If you feel it is safe to do so, invest in candles and have them light throughout your home.  If you prefer not to worry about the fire hazard, purchase fake candles.  They flicker just as real candles do, but are run by batteries, not fire power.

There are also special light bulbs that flicker.  These creepy lights do not give out a constant glow, as normal bulbs do.  Instead, they flicker unevenly, giving the appearance of candle light.  They are another safe alternative to candles.  They are available in various sizes and colors, including orange, which is just perfect for lighting a creepy Halloween party.  Top it all off with a great Halloween spider costume!