Dark Knight Costume

The Dark Knight was one of the most successful Batman movies of all time. With a Batman Dark Knight costume from Buy Costumes, your child can relive some of the most stunning moments in Gotham City history.

Batman has come a long way since his debut as a character in a 1939 issue of Detective Comics. In addition to appearing in comic books almost constantly since then, he was the star character in a world-famous TV show bearing his name, starring Adam West at Batman.

Starting in 1989, a new series of Batman movies that exchanged the campy atmosphere of the TV show for the darkness of the comics brought Batman to a new generation of fans. Most recently, the Batman movie franchise was “rebooted” with 2005’s Batman Begins, and in 2008 The Dark Knight captivated millions. Without a doubt, when you wear a Batman Dark Knight costume, you will become the hero of the neighborhood!

Dark Knight Batman Costumes For Kids

Some superhero characters get old quickly, while others become timeless classics. Batman is one of the latter.

Children have been dressing up as Batman ever since his debut in the 1930s, and now your child can join in the tradition with a Batman Dark Knight costume. These suits are officially licensed, which means there is attention to the details that make them the most realistic Batman costumes your child can wear!

Dark Knight Batman costume for kids

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Dark Knight Batman Costumes For Adults

There are also several different styles for adults. Most come with everything you need but be sure to read what's included so that you aren't caught up short when your costume arrives.

Dark Knight Batman costume for men

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Dark Knight Joker Costumes For Adults And Kids

Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker was legendary. With the Deluxe Dark Knight Joker costume, you or your little one can be the stuff of legend, too.

As an officially licensed Batman costume, you can be sure that every piece of the costume is made to look just like The Joker’s – it comes with the jacket with shirt attached, vest, trademark purple coat and pants, and the stunning face mask that is so realistic, people will think The Joker is real! Add black gloves and shoes to complete the ensemble.

Dark Knight Joker costume for men

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Dark Knight Joker Costumes For Dogs

Why so serious?

Okay, so maybe Fido can’t tell you why he looks serious, but this costume is sure to have you laughing hard!

This Joker costume for dogs consists of a body suit that goes over your dog’s front legs. There are attached fake arms that make it appear as if your Joker dog is walking on two legs. The “shirt and vest” is actually a screenprint made to look like your dog is wearing a tie under the shirt and vest.

Also included is a doggy wig. Yes, that’s right. A wig for dogs! We dare you to keep a straight face as you dress your dog in this outfit. Available in dog sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

Dark Knight Joker costume for dogs

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