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From his face and hands to his pillowcase clothing, wool hats, and socks, here are all the items you need for a Dobby costume.

Dobby is one of my absolute favorite characters from the Harry Potter series. Although Dobby gets screen time in the movies, he is featured even more prominently in the books. Those of you who have read the books understand just how devoted Dobby is to Harry, which makes his fate in the final book all that much more emotional.

When Harry meets Dobby the house elf in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets he learns that there are magical creatures who can wield their own brand of magic. It is later revealed that house elves have the ability to do magic within Hogwarts that humans cannot, such as apparating and disapparating (appearing and disappearing). Harry sees this ability for himself when Dobby comes to visit him in the hospital, while Harry’s bones are being regrown. They both hear a noise, which causes Dobby to disapparate, an action that is accompanied by a loud crack.

Your Dobby costume shouldn't be fancy, because Dobby himself was not fancy. All he wore while enslaved to the Malfoy family was a dirty pillow case. I am pleased that there are actual costumes for this devoted house elf, and the outfit looks incredibly realistic to the movie version of Dobby (or Dobbie, as I’ve seen some people spell his name).

Official Dobby Costume

As much as I hate to say this, finding an official Dobby costume is almost impossible. There used to be some a few years ago, but not now. I am including links to both Amazon and eBay with the hope that you can find it on one of these sties. If you click it and find nothing but hands and masks, fear not. The rest of this post is dedicated to all the items that you need to create your own costume.

Official Dobby costume, which is a close replica of what he wore in the
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The Dobby mask is incredibly authentic looking. There are face masks for both adults and children available. The mask is made of latex, so make sure the person wearing it doesn’t have a latex allergy.

People who bought it agree that it is very well made. They also agree that it runs large. Several women said that the child size was a better fit for them than the adult size. You might want to read through the comments before you buy a mask to make sure you get the right size for your head.

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Complete your outfit by donning these rubber hands. If you want to add a bit of realism to your outfit, wrap some cotton strips around a few fingers to indicate that your hands have been injured.

Any time Dobby did something that he knew his masters (the Malfoy family) would disapprove of, he hurt himself. As a result of this self punishment, Dobby was often seen with bandages on his fingers.

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Pillowcase Clothing

Dobby’s clothing was the most challenging thing for me to find when creating a Dobby costume from scratch. First I looked for an oversized pillowcase. Although that might work for some people, they are simply too narrow for anyone other than children or small women.

Next I looked for a long white pajama shirt. I knew exactly what I wanted, but couldn”t find it. All the ones I saw either had buttons or designs.

Then inspiration struck. The pillowcase that Dobby wears looks a lot like the toga worn by Bluto Blutarsky in “Animal House”. In fact, it’s pretty darn perfect. The picture you see here includes a pin of Bluto. The pin is removable, so you can wear the toga and no one will be the wiser that it wasn’t meant for Dobby!

There are other togas for you to choose from, but just make sure you strip the toga costume down to the tunic.

This toga looks almost exactly like the clothes worn by Dobby in the
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Potato Sack

Instead of a toga you could wear a potato sack. All you need to do is cut holes for your head and arms.

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Wool Hats

I do not honestly know if you can wear a hat with a Dobby mask. But, for those willing to try, wearing a hat could look great. My recommendation is to wear the hat off to one side, so that it covers just one ear.

Harry Potter fans who have read the books know how crazy Dobby is about hats. Hermione learned how to knit hats in an effort to free all the house elves at Hogwarts. Her plan failed, but Dobby collected all Hermione’s hats and kept them for himself. He was even seen wearing all of them at one time.

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It was a sock that freed Dobby from being enslaved to the Malfoy family. It would be completely appropriate to walk around carrying a sock when you dress up as Dobby the house elf.

There are lots of socks that you could choose from. I like this style because it looks like something a young Harry Potter might have worn. In other words, it looks like a boy’s sock.

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Video Tribute For Dobby

The video below is a very sweet look at the life of Dobby. Spoiler Warning: Do not watch if you haven't finished reading or watching the entire series.

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