Dog Face Painting Tutorial

Puppy CostumesFace painting is great fun and brings so much joy to younger children. Of course it’s getting them to sit still enough to complete the face painting that is the trick, so this is a very simple puppy face which can be drawn in a few short minutes.  This is perfect for anyone wearing a puppy costume at Halloween, or for birthday parties.

Start with the black face paint and draw a circle around the one eye. Draw a cycle bigger than the first and paint in the area to make a big spot around the eye. On the other eye draw a big eye brow, still using your black face paint.

To draw a simple mouth draw a straight line from their nose to their lip in black and then draw an upwards curve from each corner of their mouth to make a smile. Fill in the area between their nose and mouth with dots.

Taking the red face paint you can draw a circle or teardrop shape on the tip of their nose and draw a small tongue below their mouth on one side onto the chin.

You’ll now want to outline the tongue with black for the desired effect. Remember that keeping a toddler or younger child sitting for too long with have disastrous effects on the face painting. Be sure they don’t touch the paint while it’s still wet.

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This puppy face painting is quick and easy and is perfect to do at a children’s birthday party or for Halloween along with a dog costume.

You can draw whiskers on their cheeks if you wish, that is entirely your choice and isn’t really necessary.

The art to this face painting is to get it done as quick as possible, bear in mind that generally children don’t like things too close to their eyes, so when you do the spot only do the upper area, the outside of the eye and below the eye. Don’t attempt to do the inside of the eye.

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