Dottie Costume From “A League Of Their Own”

No doubt you've heard the movie quote that says, "There's no crying in baseball!" Those words were uttered by actor Tom Hanks as his character, baseball manager Jimmy Dugan, tried to figure out how to deal with the women he was forced to train.

Dottie Hinson was an important member of the Peaches team. Played perfectly by actress Geena Davis, Dottie is the catcher who has a severe sibling rivalry with her sister, Kit. Ultimately Dottie is the reason the Peaches lose in the World Series but their loss meant a win for her sister's team, which they were playing agains. The two sister reconciled at the end of the film and both were happy.

You can dress up in a Dottie costume by clicking any of the links below. I've included all the accessories that you need to complete your outfit.

This is everything you need to create a Dottie costume from "A League Of Their Own," including a dress, baseball bat, and hat.

This Dottie costume has been exclusively made for Click a link to see the price and details for that item:

1. Dottie Costume for Girls and Women (includes dress, baseball hat, belt, and socks)
2. Wig
3. Pink Petticoat
4. Red Shorts
5. Plastic Baseball Bat
6. Eye Black Stickers

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