Etsy Halloween Garden Decor

Spooky and fun garden decorations that are perfect for Halloween!

Halloween is my daughter's favorite holiday and this year she wants to decorate our front yard. She asked me what kinds of things she could use and I wasn't sure so I looked on Etsy to see what kind of Halloween garden decor they have.

It turns out they have a lot! That doesn't surprise me because Etsy is a wonderful site to go to when you want to find unique and handmade items.

I have gathered together on this page some of the things you can use if you, like my daughter, want to turn your garden or yard into a spooktacular display. Have fun!

Zombie Garden Gnomes

Four different zombie garden gnomes that you can buy on Etsy. Perfect for Halloween!

1. Zombies Rising From Their Graves
2. Vinnie The Victim
3. Walking Dead Zombie Gnome
4. Eatmore Guts

Want to see more? Click here to see all zombie garden gnomes on Etsy.

Halloween Garden Flags

Flags that you can put in your garden or front yard that are perfect for Halloween!

1. Happy Halloween - Boo
2. Enter If You Dare
3. Customized Halloween Flag
4. Happy Halloween
5. Personalized Grandma's Pumpkin Treats

Want to see more? Click here to see all Halloween outdoor flags on Etsy.

Outdoor Skeletons

These are just some of the skeletons you can add to your garden for Halloween!

1. Skull Adirondack Chair
2. Life-Sized Posable Skeleton
3. Human Skull
4. Skeleton Dog And Cat

Want to see more? Click here to see all outdoor skeletons on Etsy.

Garden Spinners

Spinners that you can decorate your garden with at Halloween!

1. Wooden Wind Spinner
2. Metal Spinning Ghost
3. Pumpin Garden Windmill

Want to see more? Click here to see all Halloween garden spinners on Etsy.

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