Fairy Godmother Costume

If only we were all fortunate enough to have a Fairy Godmother! Thankfully, Cinderella had one, or she would still be sweeping up cinder from the fireplace, washing the feet of her ugly stepsisters, and doing whatever else her family can dream up to keep her working and allow them to rest lazily.

It was only because of her Fairy Godmother that Cinderella was able to escape the cruelty of her step family. The Fairy Godmother magically transformed Cinderella from an overworked house slave to a beautiful princess (well, not technically a princess, but since that’s what Cinderella eventually became I’m going with it).

As a fairy, the Fairy Godmother must have been pretty powerful. I can’t imagine that there are many fairies with enough magic or power to transform mice into horses, a dog into a footman, a horse into a horseman (which begs the question of why a mouse couldn’t have been used instead since there was already a horse!), a pumpkin into a carriage, and a torn dress into a beautiful new one.


The Fairy Godmother costume consists of two pieces – The headpiece and robe. The blue robe is loose, with a large pink bow at the neckline. This is a great costume to wear if you want something comfortable to wear, or if you know someone who is going to dress up in a Cinderella costume.​

Fairy Godmother costume

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The Fairy Godmother appears to be a fairy of advanced age. I’m not exactly sure how long her hair is, since we only see her bangs and a bit of hair on the sides, but the one thing we do know is that it is grey.​

Grey hair wig for a fairy godmother costume

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​As we learned from the Harry Potter stories, wands are needed to focus and channel magic for a being able to wield magic. It is therefore no surprise that the Fairy Godmother used a wand to do all of her impressive magic. Her wand, as you can see from the image at the top of this page, is a simple brown wand. It turns out that a simple brown wand is really hard to find, so click the image below and choose from any of the styles found on Amazon.

Wand for a fairy godmother costume

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A pumpkin was changed into a lovely carriage that whisked Cinderella away to the ball where she met Prince Charming. If you want to add a touch of fun to your costume then carry around a small pumpkin. You just never know when you might run into a certain young girl who will be in need of a ride somewhere! A foam pumpkin will work perfectly because it is lightweight, and it won’t break if dropped.​

Foam pumpkin

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