Flounder Costume

Flounder is, well, a flounder, even if he looks nothing like actual flounder fish. He is Ariel's very best friend. He loves nothing more than to swim in the ocean with her, looking for adventures or ship wrecks. He is sweet, kind, and very loyal to the little mermaid.

There are not a lot of options when it comes to dressing up in a Flounder costume but despite that fact, you can still find a few items that will help you.

The only costume of Flounder is for babies, and it is adorable! It is a full body outfit that is yellow with black and blue fins. The hat has Flounder's happy face on it.

Adults can choose to wear a Flounder hat, since there isn't an actual costume. I found one that is a beanie type hat. I've also included a Nemo hat. True, Nemo is not a flounder, but he is a fish and Ariel lived in the ocean, so who is to say that the two didn't meet at some point?

Flounder costume for children

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