Genie Costume

Where would Aladdin be without his Genie? Still running around the streets of Agrabah, that's where! Genie costumes are not only fun, but they are also great to wear if you are going to be paling around with someone dressed as Aladdin, and even Jasmine.

Genies in literature are typically clever, manipulative, and not to be trusted. This is not, however, an accurate description of Genie fem the Disney Aladdin movies. This Genie is kind, funny, and as helpful as he is allowed to be.

A Genie costume is perfect for those of you with friends or family who are also dressing up as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. You can compliment their costumes with a Genie outfit.


The costume you see below is the officially licensed Disney costume. It is a single-piece body suit that comes with its own muscles so you will look even more powerful than you already are. The gold cuffs are resplendent, and hint at the wealth that Genie has found or conjured during his many adventures.

The included face mask, which is made of vinyl, completes the costume, so there is no need for you to paint your face blue or shave off most of your hair, save one, tiny, black ponytail. Available in adult size One Size Fits Most.

Genie costume for men

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Where there is a Genie there is also a magic lamp nearby. Why? Because that is where a Genie lives. Therefore, adding a lamp to your Genie costume is a must!


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