Georgie “It” Costume

This article will show you all the items you need for a Georgie

A Georgie "It" costume is pretty simple to put together and this article will show you everything you need, right down to a floating red balloon!

George Denbrough, the six-year-old younger brother of Bill, loved his brother more than just about anything. On a rainy  morning he waited patiently while Bill made a paper boat for him, a boat that would eventually lead to his death.

As those of us who are familiar with Stephen King's story It know, the boat that Bill named the SS Georgie floated down a storm drain and Georgie tried to get it. Instead of finding his boat little George Elmer Denbrough met his fate by way of a killer clown named Pennywise.

The 2017 movie adaptation has brought renewed interest in the story, including a costume of the doomed boy. I've gathered together all of the elements needed to create your own version of Bill's little brother. One last thing - we all float down here!

Yellow Rain Jacket

Little George Denbrough went out into the rain to play with his paper boat wearing a yellow rain jacket (or slicker, or coat, depending on what you prefer). The 2017 version had an attached hood, while the 1990 TV mini series one didn't.

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Yellow Rain Hat

As I said above, the mini series Georgie's raincoat didn't have a hood. Instead, he wore a yellow hat that had the front flipped up.

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Pin Of Georgie's Boat

I tried very hard to find a replica of the boat Bill made for his brother that can be carried when someone dresses up in a Georgie Denbrough costume but was unable to find one. The closest thing I found was this pin, which can be pinned to the raincoat. I admit that Bill's boat only said, "SS Georgie," and didn't also have the other things seen on this pin but I love all the extra touches that were included on each fold of paper.

This pin is a replica of the paper boat Bill made for his brother Georgie Denbrough from the story
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Blue Jeans

Georgie in the 2017 movie wore blue jeans with his rain gear.

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Black Rain Boots

The last thing you need for Georgie's outfit is a pair of black rain boots. These are perfect for splashing around in the rain. I'm sure they are just as helpful if you find yourself walking around the inside of a sewer system, though if that happens you probably won't feel much like playing and splashing...

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Red Balloon

The final, and perhaps most important, part of a Georgie It costume, is a red balloon. This will show people that George is no longer the sweet boy Bill remembers but a phantom created by Pennywise the clown.

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