Ghostbusters Costume

Halloween is a night when ghosts roam freely across the land, looking to create mischief where ever they can. So, who ya' gonna call to keep your family safe on Halloween night? Ghostbusters!

Sure, the team of ghostbusters never really meant to hunt ghosts. They were more into getting girls and financial funding to continue their lazy lives. Okay, that's true of Peter Venkman. Ray Stanz and Egon Spengler really do believe in the supernatural and finding evidence that ghosts exist.

It took one call from a library to provide them with the evidence they had been waiting for, and that one event led to the potential destruction of life as we know it. If not for the actions of the ghostbusters team, all would have been lost.

Costumes For Men

The Men's Ghostbusters costume has a tan jumpsuit that has official "Ghostbuster" logo patches on the arm and chest. Also included is an inflatable proton pack that you wear on your back. It looks just like the canister worn by the team in the movies.

Ghostbuster costume for men

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Costumes For Women

The women's Ghostbusters costumes are much more fun than the men's! In fact, there are three costume options for women. The first is a sexy little romper. The second is a dress that is almost identical to the romper except that the bottom portion has a skirt instead of shorts. The third option is a short tunic dress that looks like a jumper that has been slimed on the front and the print of a proton pack on the back.

Update: There are now costumes for women from the 2016 remake of the movie.

Speaking of proton packs, some of the outfits for women include them, but not all. Read through the description of the outfit you choose to find out if you need to buy one separately or not.

Ghostbuster costume for women

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Costumes For Children

The boys Ghostbusters costume looks just like the one for men. It includes a jumpsuit and inflatable backpack.

The girls Ghostbusters dress looks very much like the one for boys, but is a dress instead of a jumpsuit. It also include a cute ball cap. As for the proton pack, there is one included, but it is a backpack instead of an inflatable pack. Reviewers state that the dress runs small, so keep that in mind when buy one.

Ghostbusters costume for kids

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Costumes For Toddlers

Who can resist an adorable toddler running around, ready to catch ghosts? There are two toddler styles - one for girls and one for boys. Both look like the jumpsuits, and include hats. There is an attached backpack that is just is very cute, and black boot toppers.

Ghostbusters costumes for toddlers

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Costumes For Dogs

About the only thing cuter than toddlers dressed up to battle ghosts is seeing a dog dressed in a costume! The dog Ghostbusters costume includes a jumpsuit and a proton pack attached to the back. Sizes include Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

Ghostbusters costume for dogs

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