Halloween Bathroom Decoration Ideas

The following Halloween bathroom decoration ideas are a super fun way to get into the Halloween spirit. As you will see, there are loads of different ways you can dress up your bathroom for All Hallow's Eve.

If you are unsure what to start with, choose one item such as a shower curtain. You can always add more spooky or kooky items later. Perhaps you can make it an annual tradition to add one new Halloween bathroom decoration, which can give you something to look forward to each year.

Perhaps one of the best parts about decorating your bathroom is the reaction guests will have when they need to use your restroom. This can be a great way to spark conversations, and you might even give them ideas for their own bathrooms.

So, on with the ideas. Have fun, and don't get too scared as you browse through the many different ideas! (Just kidding...)

Halloween Door Covers

If you add this skeleton door cover to the door to your restroom then guests may have to pluck up their courage before they open the door! There are far more than just skeletons to choose from, including witches and zombies.

Halloween door covers

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Flickering Lights

Nothing sets the mood better than lights and flicker lights are perfect for setting the Halloween mood!

Flickering flame lights

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Halloween Fragrance Warmers

Odors shouldn't scare people away, so keep your bathroom from getting frightful by adding a Halloween fragrance dispenser to keep the bad smells at bay.

Halloween scent warmers

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Spooky Tissue Boxes

People will know that you are a true fan of Halloween when they go to get a tissue and see either of these spooky boxes!

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Toilet Lid Decals

These are one of my favorite Halloween bathroom decoration ideas. These vinyl clings are placed on top of your toilet's lid, and they look much too real for my taste! Screams coming from your bathroom are likely to be commonplace if you have any of these on your toilet.

Vinyl toilet lid clings

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Halloween Toilet Paper Holders

We all need to use toilet paper and Halloween toilet paper holders are kind enough to offer it, but only if you are brave enough to reach for it!

Skeleton toilet paper holder

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Creepy Shower Curtains

Pyscho may not have been a Halloween movie, but the shower scene was practically custom made for this creepy holiday, and adding a Halloween shower curtain is practically a requirement if you really want to show off your BOO-tiful decorating skills!

Halloween shower curtain

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Halloween Bath Mats And Rugs

If you braved going into the shower then the next thing to do is step out of it and onto a mat. You can choose to place a scary or funny rug in your bathroom depending on the look you are going for.

Bloody footprints bath mat

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