Halloween Safety Tips Help Make Happy Memories

Halloween Safety TipsFor many people, Halloween is one of the best times of the year. Spooky goblins, wicked witches and gruesome ghosts all come lurking from the dark one day each year to celebrate. Costumes, candy and laughter fill the streets of many towns on this single night, which unfortunately also carries its own list of dangers. That is why it is so important to practice safety as both children and adults while out and about enjoying the night.

Trick or Treating is one of the many highlights that children have during their youth. If it is done safely, all of their memories of the nights they get to gather candy from the neighborhood while dressed up like their favorite superhero, princess or monster will be good ones.

•    Never allow a child to go Trick or Treating without proper supervision. Even if your child is going out in a group with other kids, make sure there is at least one adult to make sure they stay safe.
•    Pay attention to the curfew of the neighborhood. Each town has its own timeline for the event and it must be followed completely.
•    Map out a route so that you and all of the other parents know where the group will be at all times.
•    Flashlights or glow sticks should be carried by every child. You want them to be as visible as possible while walking the streets.
•    Be sure that the kids know not to eat the candy until it has been inspected by an adult especially if they are going out into a neighborhood that you do not know well.

Children and adults need to be aware of the dangers that costumes can present. Allowing your child to pick out their favorite costume can be a lot of fun for them and you. You will get a glimpse into their imaginations and learn a little about what they might dream to be. You must stop and be sure that the costume is safe prior to making the purchase.

•    Read the labels on the costume. Any costume that you buy should be made of flame retardant material.
•    Be aware that long costumes can accidentally catch on fire if the wearer walks over a candle on the ground.
•    Consider attaching reflector strips to the costume. You can find them in many colors and some are as easy as peeling and sticking it onto the costume.
•    Any accessories that your child carries should be forgiving if they should fall on it. You do not want metal poles or sharp objects that could severely injure them if they were to trip and fall.
•    Check the mask to be sure that the child can see clearly through them. You may need to alter the openings to ensure that your child can see where they are going. They will need to see cars, stairs, sidewalks and curbs to get through the night without falling.

If you take each of these precautions into consideration before you head out for a night of Trick or Treating, you are sure to have a much safer experience. Give your children the memories that they will cherish by giving them the safety they need.

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