Halloween Witch Wreath With Bows, Legs, And Feet

I recently came across this Halloween witch wreath with bows, legs, and feet while looking for a wedding gift for a couple getting married in October and couldn't resist getting it for them. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure it cast a spell on me the moment I saw it.

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This is handmade by someone who clearly loves the Halloween season! It measures 22"W x 22"T. The skirt is made of purple, orange, black, and white ribbons, some of which are sheer mesh. There are matching orange bows with white polka dots on the top of each wonderfully pointy boot.

This is the type of item that is sure to become a cherished item and would make a wonderful gift for a bride and groom, as a housewarming present, or for yourself simply because you love it. My husband and I were given a similar Halloween wreath for our wedding and every year we looked forward to putting it on our front door.

I love the vibrant colors chosen for the different parts of this design, and because it's made for indoor or outdoor use. This means you can hang it on the outside of your door, or bring it inside if you prefer.

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