How to Make Jack Sparrow Dreadlocks

Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean is dirty, weathered and dreadlocked. To make dreadlocks which you can sew onto your wig to make your costume as realistic as possible, you will need some hair extensions, human hair is the best to use.

Attach some strands, depending on the thickness of the dreadlock you want to achieve to a chair or object, which allows the hair to hang down naturally.

Start by twisting the hair tightly and then use a crochet needle to knot it all up. You do this by twisting and then inserting your crochet needle into the middle of the twist, twist your needle around a bit, pull it up and down until it’s nicely knotted, you can even pull out a few strands to give it a really messy look.

You also need to pull the hair down and then up again into the dread with your needle to knot it slightly from time to time. This will prevent it from coming undone.

Don’t be scared to go in all directions with your needle, the messier the better. Dreadlock making is not an exact science and you will improve as you go.

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Keep twisting and messing it up with your crochet needle. It will take some time, so patience is important here. Pop on the TV and watch TV while you dreadlock your hair.

Platinum blonde is used in the movie as some of the dreadlocks, so it is an idea to buy platinum blonde hair for at least one of your dreadlocks.

Where the hair is already clumped, go into it with your crochet needle, pulling it down and twisting it, bringing the hair into it and keep knotting it all up as you go.

Your dreadlock needs to be firm and you will need to untangle it slightly once you are finished, so it is not too stiff and still moves as you move.