How to Tie a Jack Sparrow Bandana

You’ve watched Pirates of the Caribbean and now you want to wear a bandana just like Jack Sparrow in the movie.  There is a careful way of folding your bandana to get the right effect.

Start with your bandana on a flat surface; this will make it easier to work with when folding.

Fold the corner of your bandana towards the center, the bandana border has an arrow, fold your bandana on this arrow.  You should now have a triangle pointing towards the center of your flattened bandana.

Take the corner opposite and fold it in to the center, joining the point up with your first folded point. Flatten the bandana again to make it easier.

Fold the second fold again half way across the already folded bandana, making a rectangular shape.  Fold it once last time to make the ends meet in a perfect rectangle.  It is advisable to leave a very small gap so the ends don’t poke out when you are wearing it.

Turn the bandana over and you should see a perfect V in the border design in the center of your folded rectangle.

Place the bandana on your head a little way up your forehead, placing the one corner of your triangle over your right eye.

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Fold the bandana back around your head and tie once tightly under your pony tail.  This will leave you with two long pieces of bandana at the back, which is not the effect you are looking for.

Fold the right side of extra bandana over the left and tie it under to make a neat finished knot, which should be placed to the right of your pony tail in true Jack Sparrow style.

Finally fold the bandana under itself at the bottom near your ears if it sticks up too high on your head, this is definitely not the desired effect, once it is neatly tucked and knotted you have the perfect Jack Sparrow bandana.