How to Weather a Jack Sparrow Hat

Part One

Captain Jack Sparrow HatAs you know Jack Sparrow's hat is weathered and battered - it’s been through a lot. If you buy a hat it will come out of the box brand new, or maybe a little weathering has been done on it, but nowhere near the amount of weathering that needs to be done to make it as close to the movie hat as possible.

If you want to weather your Jack Sparrow hat, you will need 320 grit sandpaper, 100 grit sandpaper, leather lotion and a cloth.

Starting with your 100 grit sandpaper, you need to make little scratches along the sides of your hat using a flicking or slapping motion. Make the marks as randomly as possible.

Ensure you go along the binding and get all the paint of the X’s that go along the edge. In the movie the X’s were done with thread and not leather, so you want to remove the paint to make this look as close to the original as possible.

Go all the way around the hat. Don’t be afraid if it just looks scratched at this point. Jack Sparrow's hat is very weathered, very beaten and has a slight green tinge to it.

You still have more steps to go to finish off this weathered look, so the hat looking badly scratched at this point is normal.

The color should start changing at this point, as you flick or slap the sand paper against the hat. Make sure you do the inner edging of the binding and rub some areas harder than others to ensure it isn’t all uniform.

In the movie Jack Sparrow is messy and scruffy, you need to portray this in the hat as well, the messier and scruffier it looks the better. Keep scratching, some areas harder than others to get the weathered look on the way.

Part Two


By now you are sitting with a partly weathered Jack Sparrow hat, which you have scratched and flicked with 100 grit sand paper. You have done the entire hat randomly including the binding, stitching, underside and corners.

Spray some water onto your hat using a spray bottle. Do not worry about wetting the hat too much, leather hats can handle it. Use wet sandpaper (320 grit) and start scraping using the flicking and slapping motion. This wet sandpaper will blend in all the deep scratches that have been left behind by your initial sanding process.

It will give the hat a wind and water weathered look which is exactly what you are looking for. Don’t go over it too much; you just need to get the scratches blended. Also don’t worry if your hat goes all dark, it will do this while it is wet, but will fade again as it dries.

Keep spraying and going around the entire hat blending in the scratches and giving it a naturally weathered look. Don’t forget to go over the bindings and underside of the hat as well.

Once you have finished going over the whole hat and you are happy with the outcome, wipe it down using your cloth, this will get rid of any residue left behind.

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As previously mentioned, Jack Sparrows hat is sewn together with thread and not leather. You have now scratched the X’s of the hat completely and can paint them lightly with brown leather dye. This is to give them the right color and illusion of being thread.

Leave it to dry and once dried, you can go over it again with some wet sandpaper in areas that need more weathering.

Leather lotion is the final touch. Pour your leather lotion onto a cloth and go over the whole hat. This will give it a stained look, which is very accurate to the hat in the movie. The hat will turn dark while you are doing this, but once again it will fade as it dries.

The leather lotion blends all the black together and once it dries, buff it out with a dry cloth and reveal your finished, weathered Jack Sparrow hat. You are now ready to go find Davey Jones's locker!