Jack Skellington Costume

Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas has become a favorite costume idea ever since the movie’s release. Now, thanks to the selection at Amazon, you can dress up like the character that defines Halloween like no other with their variety of Jack costumes.

The Nightmare Before Christmas was released in 1993 by Disney’s Touchstone Pictures studio, and immediately became a hit. It grossed over fifty million dollars when originally releases, and continues to be released in various formats, including most recently in a 3-D Nightmare movie. The movie propelled Tim Burton, already considered a master director, into the ranks of the all-time greats.

Even now, decades later, adults and children alike enjoy dressing up as their favorite Nightmare character. This Halloween, you, too, can get in on the fun by picking up one of the enormous variety of Jack Skellington costumes for your holiday attire.

Jack Skellington Costumes For Men

Jack Skellington will always be a popular choice for a Halloween costume, especially among those who grew up with The Nightmare Before Christmas. There are several different costumes to choose from. Some include a mask, and others do not.

Jack Skellington costume for men

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Jack Skellington Costumes For Women

Fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas have a number of adjectives to describe Jack Skellington, but “sexy” probably isn’t one of them. Those fans obviously have never seen this Nightmare Before Christmas Sexy Jack costume, though.

This alluring costume comes with the pinstripe jacket, the black skirt, knee-high stocking with print-screened buckles, a choker shaped like Skellington’s bat bowtie, and a headband. Add your own shoes to complete the transformation into the sexiest skeleton Halloween has ever seen! This costume is available in three sizes - small, medium, and large.

Jack Skellington costume for women

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Jack Skellington Costume For Babies

There is a costume for babies and it is absolutely adorable! It consists of a jumpsuit that snaps open and closed for easy access to diapers, and a headpiece. The headpiece has Jack's face on it but won't hinder vision.

Jack Skellington costume for babies

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There are several really fun Jack Skellington hats. The most common style is a top hat that you can wear instead of a mask.

Jack Skellington top hat

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If the Jack Skellington costume you want doesn't include a mask then you can buy one separately.

Jack Skellington mask

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Santa Hat And Beard

Jack might be the Pumpkin King, but he longs to take over Christmas. He made himself a hat and beard when he attempted to retire Santa Claus in favor of his Sandy Claws. Now you, too, can wear Jack's hat and beard.

Sandy Claws hat and beard

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Can you imagine Jack without his loyal ghost dog, Zero? No, neither can I! If you click the image below you will see all the available plush Zero toys. There aren't many available, so you might click it and find nothing. With a little luck there will be at least one.

Plush Zero

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Other Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes