Jack Sparrow Eye Makeup

If you are going to a costume party dressed like Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, you need to have the full effect.  Jack Sparrow is an eccentric character and his makeup shows this about him, being able to apply your make up correctly can give you the desired effect.

By now you will have your bandana perfectly folded and tied around your head and you will have your make up on, looking all sunburned and dirty.  Your dingles, your long beard, will be in place and all you are missing is your eye makeup.

Jack Sparrows eyes are dark and have a smoky look.  You will need black eye liner to get this effect.  It is easy and quick to apply and you can put it on thick, unlike when you were applying your basic makeup.  Eye liner tends to fade, so thick is a good way to prevent this from happening.

Start applying your black eye liner to your eye lid; you need to cover the whole eye lid up to the crease, which is half way between your eye lashes and eye brow.

Layer it on thick, as it needs to be as dark as possible.  You will need to ensure that you apply it to the same height on both eyes and the same thickness.  So the darker the better, it is easier to judge this way.

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Once you have done the eye lids of both eyes, you can move on to below the eye.  Here you will need to put one dark line under your eye, make this line as dark as possible.

Then you apply another dark line under that line, this line you will smudge with your finger to give it a smoky effect.  You may need to do it a couple of times, applying eye liner and smudging until you get the effect you want on both eyes.

You are almost there, your bandana is in place, you are sunburned and your eyes are dark and smoky.