Jack Sparrow Makeup, Facial Scar, and Dingles

If you are attending a costume party and you are going as the famous Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, you want to have the right make up, scar and facial hair to pull it off.

You start by using a cue tip dipped in red grease paint to make the facial scar which is located on the right hand side of your chin.  It is a circular scar, so using your red grease paint start your scar in a circular motion until it is the desired size.  It usually starts where your mustache ends, then using a clean cue tip or finger, remove the center of the scar to give the effect of a faded open wound.

Start going over your whole face, neck and chest with red grease paint.  Keep it light, less is more with grease paint, the thicker it is the more likely it is to run if you get sweaty and it can also damage your shirt.  Apply lightly to give a sunburned look.

To apply your dingles, which are the two long beard pieces that dangle below your chin, you can attach them using latex, you want to attach them slightly back below your chin and then wrap your beard hair around the latex to give them a natural look.

Once you have done all that it is time to add your bronzer, using the paid lightly apply your bronzer all over your face, neck and chest.  Apply anywhere you have applied your red grease paint.  Once again less is more when applying the bronzer.

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You should be getting a natural sunburned look with the red grease paint shining through the bronzer.  The red grease paint also helps the bronzer to stick, so you don’t need to be too worried about runs.

Don’t put too much under your eyes, you will notice in the movie that Jack Sparrow doesn’t have sunburn under his eyes.  Use a tissue lightly all over your face to remove any excess bronzer.

Take some black grease paint and very lightly apply to your cheeks, sides of the nose and neck, to give a dirty look.  Jack Sparrow has very sunken cheeks; you can add some black grease paint around the apple of your cheeks to give you the same look.

When applying the makeup, no matter what you are applying remembers that less is more, you want a natural look that doesn’t run.