Jack Sparrow Wig

You are preparing for your Jack Sparrow costume, the famous pirate from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies! By now you have put on your make up, eye makeup, facial scar, dingles and bandana. It is now time to put on your wig to complete the Jack Sparrow look.

In part one of the movie, Jack Sparrows pony tail lay flat against his head to the right. In parts two and three it stood slightly upwards and you can accomplish this by tying it tightly at the base of the pony tail, which will make it stand up slightly.

To complete the look you can cut the extra strands from the pony tail to make them a bit shorter.

In securing your wig and bandana, it is suggested that you stitch your piece of eight to your wig netting, just below the top right side of your bandana. Your piece of eight should hang over your right eye.

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Another suggestion is to then stitch the piece of eight to the front of your bandana just above the coin; this will keep it secure but still allow the coin to move around as you move.

The last final touches are to stitch the bandana to your wig. This you will do by putting a couple of stitches on each side, stitching the top of your bandana to your wig.

Stitch far back on the sides, behind your ear line, this will ensure that it is firmly placed and will not fall off.

Stitching the bandana to your wig also makes it easier if you intend dressing like Jack Sparrow on a regular basis. You will be able to put your snugly fitting bandana and wig on like a hat and not have to stitch and sew on a regular basis.

Your look should now be complete and you should have Jack Sparrow looking back at you from the mirror.