Jedi Knight Costume

Halloween is all about having your costume be recognized, and few costumes are more recognized than the characters of Star Wars. The Halloween Jedis at Amazon have the best Jedi Knight costumes in town.

For a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the keepers of peace in the galaxy in the Star Wars storyline. The many Star Wars movies in the franchise tell of the fall of the Jedi at the hands of one of their own - a young Jedi named Anakin Skywalker who turns to the dark side of the Force and uses his powers for evil.

Jedi Costumes For Kids

Anakin is eventually saved from the dark side, and from his master, Emporer Palpatine, by his son Luke. Luke becomes a Jedi like his father before him, and restores honor and order to the galaxy. When you wear a Jedi Knight costume, you will be assured that the adventure continues!

Everyone knows how the story of Anakin Skywalker turns out – he becomes the evil Darth Vader, but the goodness in him comes out and saves him (and his son) in the end.

The compelling story leaves many wanting to be Anakin for Halloween. Outshine the other Jedis out there with this officially licensed Star Wars Anakin Deluxe Child’s Costume. The costume comes with the iconic brown tunic, shirt, boot tops, pants and belt that you see here. Since it’s an official product, it’s the closest you can come to looking like Anakin without being one with the Force yourself.

Anakin Skywalker costume for kids

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Jedi Costumes For Adults

Kids aren't the only ones who dream of dressing as a Jedi Knight. Adults do, too! Here are four costume styles that can be worn by men or women. Add your own lightsaber and you will be ready to use the Force to make the galaxy a better place to live!

Cosplay Jedi Knight costume

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Luke Skywalker costume for men

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Jedi Knight costume for women

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Jedi Knight costume for men

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Accessories For A Jedi Knight Costume

Sure, it begins with a costume, but adding the right accessories will complete the look. Here are popular Jedi costume accessories.

Luke Skywalker's lightsaber

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Anakin Skywalker hair braid

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Darth Vader candy pail

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Jedi Knight gloves for men

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