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Junie-B-Jones-Costume2Looking for a Junie B. Jones Costume? Although there isn’t an official costume, take a look at what I’ve gathered together to make your own. It’s easier than you might think.

Don’t know who Junie B. Jones is? If you have a young girl in your home, I’ll bet she does! Junie is a precocious girl who stars in the Junie B. Jones book series by Barbara Park. Junie’s real name is June Beatrice Jones. Her birthday is June 1st and she is 5 years old when the series begins. She lives with her parents, Robert “Bob” Jones and Susan Jones, and her little brother, Ollie. Junie also owns a beloved pet named Tickle.

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Junie has a couple of rivals in the series. In kindergarten, Junie’s biggest rival is a boy named Jim, who teases her.  May, a girl that sits next to Junie in first grade, is Junie’s rival in first grade. They get in trouble all the time because they argue constantly.

As with most girls her age, Junie likes animals; however, there are a few that she doesn’t like. Her grandma, Helen Miller, has a bird named Twitter that she doesn’t like. Additionally, Junie doesn’t like roosters, ponies and clowns.

Although there is no official costume for Junie, you are in luck because there are a lot of ways you can dress. I have listed several options for you, all based on how Junie looks on various book covers. What makes this even easier for you is the fact that Junie is not a fashion plate. You can put together an outfit, and as long as you have certain Junie elements, such as her hair bow or glasses, it will work.

Junie’s School Girl Outfit

Junie B. Jones School CostumeThis is a look seen on Junie on several book covers, including Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus and Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth. The outfit is comprised of a purple skirt, a pink sweater, and a large hairbow.

Junie is commonly seen with a large bow in her hair. The covers depict her as wearing either a yellow or a pink bow. I would recommend getting a bow in a color that somehow matches your outfit.

Yellow Hairbow
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Pink Hairbow
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Pink Cardigan Sweater price
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The pink sweater worn by Junie is a long-sleeved cardigan sweater that buttons up in the front. I have done my best to filter out the sweaters that do not match this criteria in Amazon, though a few may have slipped into the results. But almost any of the sweaters you will see will work for Junie's school girl look.

Purple Skirt price
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Junie's skirt is a dark purple one that goes to about her knees. As with the pink sweaters, I have done my best to filter out any purple skirt that doesn't look like one that Junie would wear. Most of the skirts you will see on Amazon would be fine to match with a pink sweater and hair bow.

Junie’s Pajama Costume

Junie B. Jones Pajama CostumeThe cover for Junie B. Jones Is a Party Animal shows Junie jumping up and down on her bed. Junie is shown wearing purple pajamas with purple hearts.

I did not find an exact replica of Junie’s pajamas. However, I did find several that are close enough that they will work nicely for any girl who wants to dress up in a Junie B. Jones jammie costume.

You will notice that the picture of Junie also shows her wearing a blue bow. That is going to be the most important part of your costume. Make sure that you include a large blue bow. You can even include a purple feather boa.

Purple Pajamas
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Blue Hair Bows
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Purple Feather Boa
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Bunny Slippers price
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What better shoes are there than bunny slippers when it comes to a pajama costume? None! Take a look at the many different rabbit slippers you can add to your Junie costume.

Junie’s Glasses

Junie B. Jones GlassesWhen Junie entered the first grade her looks changed slightly. No longer did Junie wear her signature hair bows.

Instead, the hair bows were replaced with glasses. Junie’s glasses are full framed and purple.

Do you get the sense that Junie’s favorite color is, perhaps, purple?

Purple Framed Glasses price
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I was unable to find any fake glasses that have purple frames. That's okay. All you need to do is pop out the lenses and wear the glasses without the lenses. I also was unable to find any for children, but since Junie's glasses are large, it would be okay for young girls to wear adult glasses.

Junie’s Stuffed Elephant

Plush Elephants price
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As is common with children her age, Junie has a beloved stuffed animal that she keeps with her as often as possible. Her elephant is named Phillip Johnny Bob. Complete your Junie B. Jones costume by carrying around your own stuffed elephant.

Video: Fan Movie of Junie B. Jones

This is a really cute movie made by someone for a class project. It is a trailer for a movie that the make may or may not have completed (he/she doesn’t say if this is the entire video made or just a teaser for a complete story). Regardless, the maker did a great job!

Four Facts About Junie B. Jones You May Not Know

shinydot-45Junie wanted to name her baby brother either Mrs. Gutzman or Tiny; however, her parents decided on the name Oliver Jones. Oliver is called Ollie in the book series. Oliver’s birthday is in the month of December.

shinydot-45Some of Junie B. Jones’s favorite things to eat are Pasketti and meatballs and cheese sandwiches. Junie B. Jones also loves lemon pie and ice cream. Junie hates to eat peas and doesn’t really care for Tuna Noodle Stinkle.

shinydot-45Junie B. Jones wants to be a janitor when she grows up because they get to carry the bathroom keys, keep people safe and paint the litter cans. Junie B. Jones also thinks she would enjoy being a beautician.

shinydot-45Junie B. Jones has several friends in the series. These include Lucille, a rich girl, who always wears fluffy dresses and loves everything red. Another of her friends is Grace, who likes to wear pink high tops. Junie B. Jones becomes best friends with Herb in the first grade. Jose, Junie B. Jones’s Hispanic friend, is obsessed with speaking Spanish.

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