Ladybug CostumesThe make up tutorial seen in the video below will go great with a Halloween ladybug costume. Do the eye makeup, just the lips, or both for a fantastic and dramatic effect. The woman in the video added ladybugs marching up her face, but I think it looks better without the ladybugs.

Primer your eye lid up to your brow bone and under your eye. Primer enables the eye shadow to adhere easily and reduce wear and the need to reapply half way through the evening.

Find a bright red eye shadow, if you don’t have bright red you can go for a bright pink. Apply from the inner corner of your eye up along the crease. Go over the crease and back down towards the end of your eyebrow making a rounded shape.

Apply the red lightly below your eyes as well. Blend them in with a brush and use your finger to wipe away any eye shadow and make the shape you desire.

Using liquid eyeliner in black you can make dots on your eyelid. Do this completely randomly and don’t put them in the inner corner of the eye. The dots don’t have to be the same shape or size and using liquid eyeliner with glitter it is the best for this.

You need to let the dots dry before moving onto the next step. Pulling your eyebrow up towards your forehead for a minute or two will ensure your eye doesn’t crease and smudge the dots.

You can now apply eyeliner to your top lid along the lash line with a wing at the outer end, smudge it in. Also put eyeliner along the waterline all the way along the bottom eyelid before adding black mascara.

Adding black mascara is up to you, you may find that the eyeliner and dots are already dark enough and decide against the mascara.

Put on a red lipstick and you can add black dots onto your lips too if you like. You now have the perfect lady bug look for this Halloween.

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