Mad Hatter Costume For Women

Why should men have all the fun? There is a gorgeous Mad Hatter costume for women that is far more chic than crazy.

The Mad Hatter is just one of the many characters Alice meets when she finds herself in Wonderland, but he is possibly the kindest to her. He invites her to a tea party that she does her best to understand, though ultimately fails at.

The Hatter enjoys telling jokes and stumped Alice with, "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" Actually, he didn't know the answer, either, but didn't care a bit about that fact. You can't blame him too much for his bizarre behavior. As a maker of hats, he was poisoned by mercury, which made him into the very strange person Alice met.

Find everything you need for a Mad Hatter costume for women, including a dress, tights, thread bandolier sash, and hat pins!

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1. Mad Hatter Costume
(includes hat, jacket, shirt with bow tie, and shorts)
2. Thread Bandolier Sash
3. White Tights
4. Collection Of Four Hat Pins
5. Glittery Blue Shoes

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