Moaning Myrtle Costume

From her hair and glasses to her robe and toilet seat, here are all the items you need for a Moaning Myrtle costume.

Are you looking for a Moaning Myrtle Halloween costume? Creating your version of Moaning Myrtle is not only easy but it's also fun!

Myrtle was a student at Hogwarts when both Hagrid and Tom Riddle also attended. She was killed by the basilisk that Tom set loose upon the school. Myrtle has haunted the bathroom where she died ever since.

She is known as ‘Moaning’ Myrtle by the students at Hogwarts because Myrtle’s ghost was often found weeping and moaning in the girls bathroom (the very same bathroom where was was killed by the basilisk).

Myrtle is a very depressing character and she loves to bring other people down if she thinks they look too happy. About the only time you see Myrtle laughing or smiling is if she sees a student in a depressed or distressed state.

Ravenclaw Robe

Moaning Myrtle was a student of Ravenclaw house. She is always seen wearing her Ravenclaw robe, which might be because she died in the robe or simply because she can’t think of anything else to wear. There are Ravenclaw robes available in child sizes and adult sizes. There is even one robe that can be custom made to fit your specific size. It is a beautiful robe sold by Janecosplay. But my very favorite Ravenclaw robe is the one made by Museum Replicas, seen in the example below.

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Ravenclaw Tie

Of course, no Ravenclaw costume would be complete without a house necktie. Yes, this is true even for the girls.

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There isn't an official Moaning Myrtle wig, but that's okay. Myrtle's hair is brown with bangs. This particular wig is a great replica of Myrtle’s hair because of the bangs. All you need to do is put it into two side ponytails and it will look just like Myrtle’s!

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Myrtle wears glasses. Interestingly, the glasses that she wears in the movies are round just like the ones that Harry Potter wears. This is great news because it means that it is easy to find a pair of glasses to wear with your Moaning Myrtle costume.

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Toilet Seat

Add a toilet seat if you want to have fun with your Moaning Myrtle costume. Why? Because the toilet is Myrtle”s favorite place to be! Simply place the seat over your head and people will be able to tell that you”ve just come up from your cozy u-bend.

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Three Things You Might Not Know About Moaning Myrtle

The facts below about Myrtle were in the Harry Potter books but not in the movies. If you’ve only seen the movies then here are a few things you don’t know about Moaning Myrtle. Some of the information below also comes from, a site where author J.K. Rowling has shared additional details about the world and characters of Harry Potter.

  • Myrtle was a student in Ravenclaw. Like Hermione, she was born to Muggle parents. Although there is no evidence of it, Myrtle must have been a very intelligent, possibly clever, witch to have been placed in Ravenclaw.
  • Myrtle had a difficult time while a student at Hogwarts and was unable to make friends. She was often teased. One of the girls who liked to tease her, Olive Hornby, was the one who found Myrtle’s body. Myrtle then haunted Olive until Olive’s death. After that, Myrtle stayed in the girls bathroom where she was killed.
  • Myrtle died after seeing the basilisk that Tom Riddle released from the Chamber of Secrets. It is believed that Tom used her death to make his first Horcrux.​

Video Of The Moaning Myrtles Singing "And Then I Died"

The group “The Moaning Myrtles” wrote this song dedicated to Moaning Myrtle and how she died. It’s a catchy tune! Plus, you get to enjoy watching a video dedicated to all things Myrtle.

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