Molly Weasley Costume

From her apron and wand to her sweater and scarf, here are all the items you need for a Molly Weasley costume.

Finding a Molly Weasley costume is challenging, mainly because there isn't an official costume for Molly. Therefore, you can take great liberty in how you want your Molly costume to look.

First, consider Molly herself. She is described as being plump (it's okay if you aren't plump), warm, kind, and loving. She is also somewhat frumpy, and has very little fashion sense whatsoever.

This means you can mix and match items, even if they seem to clash. Put a flowery apron on over a striped sweater. Add a fluffy boa to a house coat. Molly is most often seen in her home, making meals and tending to chores, so a homemaker look will work well.

The Molly seen in the movies of the Harry Potter stories prefers to wear browns and earth-tones. She also likes to wear layers. Sweaters on top of shirts. Aprons on top of sweaters. And she always wears either a skirt or a dress. Ultimately, though, whatever makes you happy will do just fine. The one thing that is a must, however, is red hair.


Molly is a stay-at-home mom and is most often seen in the kitchen, whether at The Burrow or Grimmauld Place. Choose a brown apron to wear over your clothes.

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When it comes to finding a sweater that Molly would wear, look for one that isn't too fashionable. The ideal sweater or wrap should be comfortable, baggy, and have stripes or some other type of pattern.

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Molly wears skirts with her sweaters and aprons. She would never be caught in a short skirt, so make sure the skirt you wear at least covers your knees. The longer the skirt, the better it would be for Molly Weasley, since she is a conservative woman.You can choose a skirt that has a pattern or is plain. Don't worry if the skirt clashes with the rest of your clothing. Molly wears what she likes regardless of how it looks.

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When Molly leaves the house, she usually puts on a hat. The type of hat worn by Molly in the movies is a beret. You can choose a classic French beret, a knitted beret, or any other variation on this type of hat.

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Don't forget to wear a scarf when you dress for outside the home. If you can match a scarf to your hat, great! If not, that is okay, too, as long as you like it.

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Molly has red hair, just like her husband Arthur and their seven children.

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The final touch to your Molly costume is her wand. Author J.K. Rowling hasn't revealed the wood or core of Molly's wand so feel free to decide for your self what it is made of. For those who doubt that Molly is a powerful wizard simply because she stays home raising her children, be aware that it was Molly Weasley who killed the insane and wildly powerful Bellatrix LeStrange!

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