Mork Costume

Robin Williams and his comic genius may be gone, but his Mork from Ork will live on forever, thanks to Mork costume options.

This particular costume is a special one for me because I grew up watching Mork and Mindyon TV. I wish I could say that I remember Mork's first episode on Happy Days, especially since I watched that show every week, but I don't. But I do remember watching Mork and Mindyevery week with my mom. The two of us absolutely loved the silliness and craziness of the show.

Those of you who also watched that show will recall that Mork had two distinct outfits. Sure, he wore a lot of clothes, but there are only two that you would look at and say, "That's a Mork outfit!" One of the outfits is readily available as a costume (Mork's spaceman suit), and the other is not (his everyday outfit with the rainbow suspenders). I have done my best to recreate the second outfit for those of you who prefer that look.

Mork's Spacesuit Costume

This is the easier of the two Mork costumes to replicate because it is a premade costume. If you love the look of Mork when he emerged from his space egg, then this is the costume for you!

This costume is an 80s classic, and people who have worn it love it! Be aware, though, that it is hard to find so it might not be available when you click the link below. You can replicate the costume with a red jumpsuit and silver duct tape.

Mork alien costume

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Mork's Casual Clothing

Mork was most often seen wearing a shirt, pants, suspenders, and shoes. There are no officially licensed costumes for Mork's clothing, so I've searched for clothes that closely match his look. Below is an image of a typical outfit for Mork.

Mork's casual clothes


Mork's hair wasn't exactly a mullet, but this wig is very close to how Robin William's did his hair for Mork & Mindy. This is the wig that people use when they wear a Mork costume, and wearing it will give your costume a look of authenticity.

Wig for a Mork costume

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Mork's rainbow suspenders are arguably the most remembered part of his daily clothes. This particular item is a must when you dress up as Mork.

Rainbow suspenders for a Mork costume

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Finger Pin

Mork liked to put button pins on his suspenders. One such pin was of a pointing finger.

Unfortunately you can't find the pointing finger pin that Mork wore, but this pewter pin is very close to the original. Just make sure you have the finger pointing to the left or right, not up or down.

Finger pointing pin

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Suspenders And Shirt Set

What you see here is a replica of the shirt and suspenders often worn by Mork on Mork & Mindy. Be aware, however, that the suspenders are not real. They are merely glued to the shirt.

As of this writing there is only one review of this item. The reviewer was very disappointed in the quality of the shirt and suspenders. I'm including it here to give you the option of buying it, but I also want you to know that it of the same quality as a real shirt or suspenders.

Striped shirt and rainbow suspenders set

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Striped Shirt

Okay, this is where creating a Mork costume gets a little difficult. The orange shirt that Mork wore had orange and black stripes, as you can see from the Shirt and Suspenders set above. I was able to find one shirt that looks like Mork's.

If you prefer, you could wear a plain orange shirt as is, or you could add black stripes with black duct tape.

Orange and navy blue striped shirt

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Mork commonly wore two pair of pants. One was navy colored, the other was beige. They both look a lot like today's Dockers.

Either one of these pants would be perfect. Choose the color that goes best with the shirt you choose. Of course, either would be okay with the orange shirt (as okay as any color looks with orange!).

Navy blue pants for men

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Beige pants for men

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Here is a picture of what Mork's shoes look like. They are sort of like sneaker spats that have orange shoe laces.

Shoes worn by Mork

The shoes worn by Mork were like nothing I've ever seen, nor was I able to find an exact replica. The shoes are a combination of the two seen below. The tops are white with a bit of black on the toe box, and a black sole.

If you want to recreate the look of Mork as best as you can, then either one of these shoes will work well.

Shoes for a Mork costume

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Shoes for a Mork costume

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Orange Shoelaces

Mork must have a thing for orange, because not only does he wear an orange shirt but he also has orange shoe laces in his shoes. Make sure you put some in yours, too!

Orange shoelaces for a Mork costume

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