My Daughter Wants to be Doctor Who for Halloween

Doctor Who TARDIS

Image source: Wikipedia

It may be July but my 12 year old daughter Lily is already thinking about what she wants to be for Halloween this year. Back in February my daughters and I started watching the current incarnation of Doctor Who and we all fell in love with it. So much so that you could easily argue that we are a bit obsessed with the good Doctor!

Lily recently celebrated her 12th birthday and it turned out to be a Doctor Who birthday. Not that we had a TARDIS for a cake or anything (although that would have been awesome!) but 80% of the gifts that she got were Doctor Who items.

Lily was delighted by all the DW stuff that she got because she wants to be the 11th Doctor for Halloween. This means she will need a fez and a sonic screwdriver, both of which she received for her birthday.

This has inspired me to start adding Doctor Who costumes to the site. Tomorrow I will add the first one, then I will continue to add more until I've added all that I can. Whenever possible I will be sure to include companions. Given that I am as obsessed with Doctor Who as my girls this is going to be a lot of fun for me!