My First Halloween

Having been around for several decades means that I've seen a good many Halloweens in my life. But there is one Halloween that I have no memory of (okay, there are a few, but I'm only writing about one of them). That would be my very first Halloween.

First Halloweens are a funny thing. They have hugely significant meaning to parents since all firsts for their babies are exciting and worth documenting. For the babies, though, there is no memory of the firsts other than the pictures and stories that are shared with them after they grow up.

So it is with my first Halloween. A few years ago my mom allowed me to scan photos from the her family photo album and that was when I saw these photos. It made me smile to see them since I am now a mom and know how special this must have been for my mom.

My First Halloween

As I've already said, I don't remember anything about this day. There is, however, something from this picture that I do remember, though it has nothing to do with Halloween. See the plant and its holder in the background? My mom had those for years and I remember the plant seen here. The plant that I remember wasn't small like you see in this picture. Instead, it was much larger, so it's fun to see how it started.

As I look at this I wonder what this day was like for me and my parents. Did I try to eat the pumpkin? Was I crawling yet? I was only a few months old so probably not. Did I like all the people who came to our door for trick-or-treating, or did I get scared and cry? Did my mom and dad dress up? I may never know the answers to my questions, but it is fun to think about.

There is one more thing this picture made me think about. Today, costumes for babies are very popular and you can find just about any costume you can think of that will fit babies. But I'm not wearing a costume here. Knowing my mom as I do, I'm positive she would have dressed me in a costume if they were available, so I strongly suspect that costumes for babies were not popular way back when I was a baby. Interesting! At what point did costumes for babies become readily available?

I can't help but wonder who took this picture. Was it my mom or my dad? Upon reflection, I think it may have been my dad. He once told me that it is a good idea to take pictures by adding something to them that dates them historically. For example, when I go someplace like a Disney theme park, I take pictures of the menus at their restaurants. This way I can see how much food cost on that day in time. Whichever one of my parents took this picture doesn't really matter, but they smartly placed me next to the pumpkin, making it obvious at a glance what time of year this photo was taken. Smart!

First Halloweens are special. If you have little ones in your life make sure you take lots of pictures so that you can share the pictures with them when they grow up.