Best Pumpkin Carving Kit

This collection of pumpkin carving kits are for professional results, perfect for making the ultimate design for Halloween!

If you want to take your skills to the next level then you need the best pumpkin carving kit!We've all tried them, cheap plastic sets that break almost as soon as you use them or are so flimsy that they can barely scrape a single seed out of the … [Continue reading]

Halloween Witch Wreath With Bows, Legs, And Feet

This handmade wreath looks like a witch's skirt, legs, and feet, and would be perfect for Halloween!

I recently came across this Halloween witch wreath with bows, legs, and feet while looking for a wedding gift for a couple getting married in October and couldn't resist getting it for them. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure it cast a spell … [Continue reading]

Best Black And Orange Throw Pillow Covers

This is a collection of black and orange throw pillow covers that you can buy to convert an ordinary pillow into one that's ready for Halloween!

The best black and orange throw pillow covers are the ones that will turn an ordinary pillow into one that's ready for the Halloween season!These are very simple to use. All you need to do is put it over a cushion of the same size as the case, or you … [Continue reading]

13 Costumes For Girls That Are Sure To Sell Out By Halloween!

These are 13 of the hottest new costumes for girls for 2017!

If you are starting the search for costumes for the young girl in your life you  might be wondering what the hottest costumes are for this year. The purpose of this article is to help you and shows 13 new costumes for girls that are sure to sell … [Continue reading]

Green Zombie Head Piñata

You can use this green zombie head piñata at a Halloween party or use it as a decoration!

I came across this green zombie head piñata and as soon as I saw it I knew that it would be perfect for Halloween! Pretty gruesome, right? Exactly. That's the whole point of this creepy creation, and the thought of it filled with candy is both … [Continue reading]

Halloween Advent Calendar

Any of these Halloween countdown calendars is a fun way to get ready for October 31st!

A Halloween advent calendar is a fun way to look forward to October 31st!When most people hear "advent calendar" they think of Christmas and might be surprised to know that there are also ones made for the holiday that precedes it by two months.These … [Continue reading]

Halloween Candelabra

This list of 7 Halloween candelabras will help you find the perfect display for either flickering lights or real candles!

A Halloween candelabra is an easy way to add festive (or creepy) holiday cheer to any table or room.Ambiance is an important part of getting ready for October 31st, and many would argue that proper lighting is critical. Not bright lights, but dim, … [Continue reading]

Wooden Rolling Pin With Skull Pattern

Handmade wooden rolling pin made from beech wood with laser-etched skull patterns on it.

I love this wooden rolling pin with skull pattern designs on it and think it would be perfect for making Halloween cookies! I can almost smell the wonderfully sweet fragrance of baked goods while just looking at the … [Continue reading]

atmosFEARfx Digital Decorations Will Make You The Envy Of Your Neighborhood!

atmosFEARfx digital decorations turn an ordinary area into a haunted image!

I can't believe that I didn't know about amostFEARfx digital decorations until now! But the moment I saw a video of what they can do I was hooked. They are DVDs that you can use to add a variety of realistic looking scenes to your home.Here's a video … [Continue reading]

Jafar Costume

Jafar Costume

Jafar seemed like such a such a good guy. He was the Grand Vizier to the Sultan of Agrabah, a position that made him the Sultan's most trusted advisor. He helped the Sultan make difficult decisions. What the Sultan didn't know, though, was that Jafar … [Continue reading]

Huntsman Costume

Huntsman Costume

Poor Snow White! She was good and kind, and loved her stepmother, the evil Queen Ravenna. The Queen, however, loved only herself. Queen Ravenna ignored Snow White until the day her magic mirror declared that Snow White, not Ravenna, was the fairest … [Continue reading]